Scott, when you say you're having trouble with control, do you mean actually operating the motor, or the way it propels your inflatable?
When people mention rod holders, I never know if they just mean for storage (when moving between spots) or for actually fishing. I am going to check the trolling motor in the morning the the 180 degree turn, i have considered that before, i was just afraid that it make it look like a bumper boat. Raising the seat will be a big improvement, however it will render the oars useless as they will now hit your knees (I realize that is probable not a concern except for emergency purposes). Here (IN) Registration isn't required until you add a motor (including electric), but you still need a Launch Permit for State waters, either Motorized or Non-Motorized. Scott, I'm surprised there isn't a couple screws under the control head that can't be removed and the head spun 180*. Small Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats beta Login To use full features of CLIPZINE, you must allow to run Javascript. Backpack Inflatable pontoon boatPB-107 The Backpack Inflatable Pontoon Boat,Float tube,belly boat. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.

Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. I can see where adding the decking would be helpful, especially to prevent dropping stuff as mentioned, I'm a butter-fingers Ditto on the plastic crate WT.
I'll post a view of an anchor assembly I made out of a plastic soda crate and a Scotty anchor rig. It would have been easier with two people!An innovative wheel design called Wheelez looks like a neat option. My first that was to attach and outrigger to the existing mount moving the motor to the outside of the pontoons. The back wore rack is going to get a plyboard top with boat carpet on it (i may attachsome styofaom to the bottom of this to offset the weight of the battery). Larger diameter wide wheels roll more easily.I have used my inflatable launching wheels on all kinds of sand, gravel, cobble, and grassy shores, as well as on concrete and dirt boat launches.
If yall of pictures of other toons like mine rigged out please post i would love to see them.
I would love to see them fastened to an inflatable boat as inflatable launching wheels.Inflatable launching wheels need to be either flipped up or removed once on the water.

A 2x4 board will the attached to the motor mount and extend 2 feet on either side of each pontoon allowing the trolling motor to be mounted out side of the toon and rod holders (for storage) will be attached to this board as well on the other end to balance it.
I will attempt to make a rod holder for fishing that will run under my seat and com up at a 45 degree angle, i will use pvc for this. If at all possibel, i am going to attempt to raise the ore locks for offset the seat being raised. Then the bolt is inserted through the top of the transom and fastened to the launching wheel bracket.It is easy to remove though, just undo the bolt and push down. My neighbors are used to seeing a fat guy setting on a blow up boat in the front yard, this time while they are looking I may ask them to help.

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