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I really like creating things, and when I was on youtube I seen this, and I really started getting into pop-out things. Have just made a test version of the rose, I am so impressed with your design thanks so much! TRUTH THAT THEY ARE BRILLIANT BUT I DO NOT HAVE THE INSOLES AFTER THE PURCHASE SINCE THEM ME CAN SOLVE IT.
Hi Sweety maschaenses, The white hexagon is just to cover up the paper in the back so that it matches the color of the rose.

Every time you insert the tab through the slot, tape or glue the tab down to the back of the inside card.
And the video said to come here for details, so where do you print out the petals and stuff?
No matter how many times I see your designs and then make them, I am always left gob smacked!
I used your spiral heart for Valentines day – again, thanks for another great design. I know it can be time consuming, but the old fashioned X-acto knife can still do the job . I do have a question though, when I convert the PDF file to JPEG and then open it in my silhouette, the image is not very clear.

I have to check all the videos you have up in Youtube to learn more about making pop-up cards. Quick question, how do I get the password for the Secret Subscriber Mother’s Day Sale?

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