Sails are our very own take on 10 years of development in the international 14, making the new style square-top sail work effortlessly with the slim hull of the Canoe. Sail panels are computer cut by professionals using laser and blade plotter cutters and cad software, so this means you are using the very same shape as the development sail's proven performance. Third place goes to Alistair Warren of Saxmundham, Suffolk, Great Britain (42 points), Peter Ullman of Oldenburg, Germany came in fourth (46 points) and David Clark, from Warren, RI, USA finished in fifth place (47 points).
With the race series cut to 8, only one discard now applies which had quite an impact on the results below third as many required an addition discard to shed some points after retirements earlier in the series. The end result is that Alistair Warren is top British sailor with a richly deserved 3rd place after consistent sailing not only at the championships but for the last few years. For the whole team, the regatta has been an invaluable lesson in higher wind strength sailing with a steep learning curve for many in the big waves. This venerable silver milk jug is reckoned to be the second oldest active trophy in International Sailing after the Americas Cup. The US team strategy was to try and make sure Chris Maas had a clean start, get him a lead, and just keep the rest of the fleet away from him while he sailed around the course. I rounded the weather mark in first but Alistair and Chris H were right on my heels while David and Chris Maas were 4, 5, and a little ways back.
I realized that pinning our hopes for this race on me holding off Alistair downwind after I hadn't been able to do that all week probably wasn't a good idea. Going into race 2 it seemed to clear to me that we needed to do a better job of getting clean starts. Battling "I have never sailed this boat" issues was really wearing me out at this point, so I was really hoping David or Chris would be able to catch Alistair and we wouldn't have to do a rubber match.
Paul Hignett provided the entertainment with some high velocity moth foiling using the moored yachts as a slalom. The fleet remained on standby, but by 2 o'clock it was obvious that the wind had increased.
With the final day of the International Canoe Europa Cup at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club started with a light south westerly wind.
The final race of the championship provided some of the closest IC sailing ever seen at an IC event.
On the final downward leg it appeared that John Ellis had better speed as he passed into a boatlength lead to leopard Simon Allen dived over the top of Hampe into 3rd place.
In the AC fleet Steve Bowen won he first race to se sure himself second overall from Phill Allen in 2nd and Arne Stall 3rd. Overall Robin Wood continues his dominance of the class with Steve Bowen also clear away from the rest of the pack. The event was a great success and thanks must go to the race officer Keith Kendal for fitting the full schedule of races in dispute the varying conditions. Raif Badawi est ce blogueur qui purge en ce moment une peine de prison de 10 ans et qui a ete condamne a 1000 coups de fouet pour sa critique des dirigeants religieux saoudiens. With a second throw-out allowed after nine races, Sunday's ninth and final race could have shuffled the final standings.
He sailed his first IC Worlds in Australia at age 17, was member of the American Youth Sailing Force that raced on the AC45, is active in I-14 and Aussie 18 skiff sailing, and raced in the 2011 Transpac on Criminal Mischief, which came in second.

This cup, established in 1885, is the second oldest international sailing trophy in the world still being raced for after the America's Cup.
Phil Robin produced an excellent result coming in 7th, whilst Robin Wood with two retirements suffered from the loss of the last race with otherwise good results including a win in race 3, came in 9th.
The experience gained will be invaluable in the further development of boats, rig and systems design to move the class forward and prepare for the next Worlds in 2017 which will be in either Sweden, Australia or the UK. First competed for in 1886 it has been fought for hard over the years, perhaps most famously by Uffa Fox and Roger deQuincey, who first prized it out of US hands in 1933.
So I soaked the boat way low, waited for him to come up to windward of me, then headed him up fully intending to take him all the way to Sweden with me.
Thankfully Alistair's seat got jammed in the water on a tack, Chris was on the right side of a few shifts, and managed to get the lead by the second windward mark. The fleet would like to thank everyone at Loch Lomond Sailing Club who made the event a success,with a special mention to Fergus Duncanson (OD) and Crawford Mac Calman (commodore) for exceptionally well run races and organisation throughout the week. In the IC fleet Colin Newman lead the boats towards the left side of the course where the wind began to swing round to the south and fill in strength. The race started with Hampe port tracking the fleet and heading to the right side of the course with Steve Clack and Alistair warren continuing to the left. Moments later Hampe made his move sailing fast and high to repass Allen on the inside before gybing back towards the mark on starboard to round a boatlength behind Ellis.
Series leader Robin Wood finished mid fleet but if there was any doubting his credentials he went on to take win number 7 in the final race Phill Allen was second again clearly enjoying he conditions to stay ahead of Steve Bowen in third place. Tony Robertson held in to 3rd lace from Arne Stahl who's 4th place finish was outstanding given that the German had to count a DNC due to a mechanical failure on route to the championships. Further thanks must go to the safety boat crews without who we could not sail, John and Nikki Buckler for there help organising the event and results and finally to our sponsors Ullman Sails who are set to make further inroads in this class.
However, the race had to be abandoned before the start due to winds topping the International Canoe (IC) class' limit of 21 knots, securing the IC World Championship for Mikey Radziejowski. Different in format from collegiate team racing, this challenge will be a competition between two teams of three International Canoes each, and the Cup will be awarded to the first team with a boat crossing the finish line first in two out of a possible three races.
Mark Goodchild and Simon Allen in their Nethercotts were able to show a few of the new rules boats the way home by posting consistent results and staying mostly upright. The format is a winner take all best of three team match race, currently comprising of two teams of three boats, with only the race winner scoring points.
I was the only American to get a clean start while Alistair was parked right on my hip and Chris Hampe was ahead and to leeward of me.
Alistair eventually spun around neatly and got away from me but by that point Chris M was on the port lay line and David had moved ahead as well.
True to form,the Scottish weather provided the contrasts we had become used to throughout the Championships. The fresher breeze suited Chris Hampe who led the first two laps until losing positions on the final beat to round the final windward mark in 3rd. The lead five boats closed up on each other with Warren and John Ellis just inches ahead of Hampe Clark and Allen. John Ellis however had a slow wide rounding allowing Hampe to climb above his line as both boats drag raced along the short fetch to the finish line.

Il a ete arrete en juin 2012 pour violation de l'article 6 de la loi anti-cybercriminalite saoudienne.
Although he finished in second place, Chris Maas took pleasure in knowing that Radziejowski was sailing a Superstring Theory boat, a Maas' design. Chris Hampe had managed to muck Chris Maas around at the start and David hadn't managed to get away clean either. Meanwhile Chris Hampe had a spot of bother on a tack allowing Chris Maas and David to get by him. He held Alistair off on the run and flew upwind to the finish line to take race 2 and that was it. After he cleared the offending weed off his daggerboard he closed the gap to the lead pair and engaged a three way gybing duel with Simon Allen and Steve Clark. The boats split unwind and it was Alistair Warren now with a clear lead with Steve Clark dropping back down the order.
At the blind there was just inches in it as Hampe crossed the line first timing the two boats obviously points with the tiebreak falling in Hampe's favour.
Thankfully I got a nice header and was able to sail out from underneath of Alistair, I crossed Chris Hampe when he tacked, and when I finally decided to tack I found myself furthest to the left as the breeze shifted that way. So at the second windward mark I was still just in front of Alistair while Chris M and David were now sitting 3-4. I shouted at him to gybe again so he did, got below Alistair, and then headed him up towards the former Eastern Bloc allowing me to get past. Thanks to some excellent boat speed from Chris Maas and some excellent teamwork by team USA against a tenacious British side we finally got the New York Cup back.
Steve held onto the win just a couple seconds ahead of Hampe with Simon Allen just behind the lead pair.
With Alistair Warren out in front with the title secured It was another photo finish that would decide 2nd place overall between John Ellis and Chris Hampe. Overall Alistair Warren was consistent across the varying conditions throughout the event and was a worthy winner well clear of the chasing pack. This time the holders, Australia, were unable to field a team, so sportingly allowed the trophy to be competed for by the two top teams at the Worlds.
By the time I had finished my circles my chances of being a factor in the race were pretty much gone. By the time I got to the leeward mark in second Chris Maas was already on his way to the starboard lay line well ahead. Alistair maintained momentum through a hole on the second reach and was still ahead at the leeward mark.

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