A comprehensive guide for modellers who wish to scratch build a radio controlled model yacht. Chapters include: Strip planking the hull, fibreglass strengthening, mold and casting lead keel ballast. Dear Bryn, I felt I had to tell you, my beautiful 75, "Jack Sparrow" got away from me due to a radio malfunction and sailed off into the distance across Port Phillip bay to be not heard of again, probably on its way to China?? My latest model is a foiling catamaran based on the AC45 (another brilliant NZ design)(very sad to see NZ beaten in the cup) and so "Black Mamba" has evolved. I built an RS1000 and had so much fun building and sailing it I decided to build a couple of RS750's for my grandchildren in Zurich. Bit of juggling to get them into a suitcase but the whole project worked well and the boys just love them.
Check out this cool little cardboard sparrow built by John Whitehead from Perth, Western Australia. Hi Bryn, I recently finished building these 2 Racing Sparrow RS750s which i really enjoyed, it was a great project and kept me busy for a few months. Yachts been built from my plans now number in the hundreds both from both home and production builders. New designs are added periodically and occasionally I do receive requests for specific designs.

Please phone or email me for more details of my designs or if you would like to purchase a plan only in the catalogue. Goth Mk4 IOM is the 2015 development of last year’s Goth XP Plan and incorporates ideas borrowed from the Goth XP RG  RG65 design.
Phoenix 5 – 10r  Was designed for more wind and more open water than the P4 with 4kg ballast. Zephyr – USOM is optimised towards light air performance but still will be a good all round performer. Printed and Posted Full Size Deck and Hull Panel Drawings on 2 AO Sheets are available for $30 AUS. Whether you are just getting into radio control sailboats or a seasoned captain looking for an IOM (International One Meter) sport racer, the Ragazza sailboat offers the perfect vessel to make your dreams a reality. Free radio control yacht plans and an incredible DIY yacht building book on sale for only $12nzd. The book comes with plans of hull, sails and rigging featuring the Racing Sparrow 750mm boat designed by New Zealander Bryn Heveldt.
They have been for a successful maiden voyage and sail great and now just need a few tweaks in the sail department to get them sailing even better. There were areas where I had some uncertainties, some of which were assisted through the forum posts, and some of which I improvised.

Rip-resistant nylon sails provide great performance and maximum durability and the resilient fiberglass hull slices through the surf. Install the included AA batteries into the receiver and the radio, a simple rigging of the sail and you're ready to sail. The book is presented in full colour throughout, using step-by-step photography and 3-dimensional illustrations. All in all I am truly delighted with the end result and now look forward to learning to sail and enjoying many happy hours "playing".
Water-ready in no time and featuring high-end materials such as a Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system, plus impressive looks and performance, this sailboat is prepared for competition.
The Ragazza features great performance on the water and looks fantastic breaking the waves.

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