Pro Surfing - Surf & Kite School Gran Canaria, Surfing, Surf Safari's,Ride waves or ride across clear blue water. Atlantic Beach Clubs serves the entire Fort Lauderdale area with jet ski rentals and tours.
Whether you want to take on the ocean solo or with an expert to guide you to the most serene and beautiful locations around Fort Lauderdale, our jet skis will help you create your own adventure out on the Atlantic. With dozens of jet skis rentals at Atlantic Beach Clubs’ locations, getting out onto the water should take no time at all. Rent a jet ski from Atlantic Beach Clubs and we will have you exploring the three square miles of ocean in our backyard. Ask about our five jet ski tour routes where an expert rides with you to show you all that Florida has to offer. If you want a little more excitement, we also offer heart-racing jet ski tours that lead you out onto the open sea to fully appreciate every aspect of jet skiing.
At Pro Surfing we have a team of dedicated and experienced instructors that can teach you from the first day on the beach to riding waves in the water. IT HAS 2 BOAT SLIPS, GREAT DECK, LG but please browse our additional Ocean City vacation rentals.
The city of Melbourne, located in Brevard County just south of Cape Canaveral on Boat rentals are available, featuring skiffs, pontoons and kayaks.
With consistent wind and clear warm water - Gran Canaria offers ideal conditions to learn Wind Surfing.

Our instructors are not only passionate and experience surfers, but are fully qualified life guards. Our jet skis are some of the newest models available, and our prices are some of the cheapest, making us the easiest jet ski and boat rental company to deal with in all of Florida.
Thanks to our convenient location, we also offer parasailing and snorkeling services, as well as kayak, ski boat, and fishing boat rentals for parties and social gatherings.
And because all of our jet skis are newer models, you get to experience the most style and horsepower for your money. Although anyone can be a passenger, please note that jet ski operators must be 14 years of age or older and have a valid boater’s license if born after January 1st, 1988. From slow sightseeing tours to fast-paced, wave-riding adventures, Atlantic Beach Clubs will lead you toward an unforgettable experience.
For a bit of both worlds, ask about our eco-tours, which will guide you through the Mangrove area where you may be able to spot a stingray, manatee, or even a dolphin. In the summertime the Canary Islands have regular wind, making it an ideal place to learn kite surfing.
We can teach beginners and experienced kite surfers alike, offering advice and technique improvements to more advanced students. Our prices are lower because our sole purpose is to provide you with the most thrilling experience you can have out on the ocean. Contact us at (954) 376-3770 for more information about our jet skis, or to submit a reservation for one of our jet ski rentals or tours.

Boating licenses can be obtained as a lifetime license from PWC Safety School, or as a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs. They only operate beginner lessons in conditions that are suitable and safe for the lesson. These tours allow everyone to relax and take in the sights under the warmth of the Ft Lauderdale sun. And if you take a jet ski tour you’ll be able to snap a few awesome photos while you’re at it. Easy to Ride and are extremely stable on Ocean waters and for this reason commonsense to operate, anyone can, and just blaze across the water’s with our Jet ski Rental in Fort Lauderdale. Our list of Fort Lauderdale attractions for tourists is a great Florida vacation guide.Our jet ski rentals is one in all the most effective ways in which to examine Greater Fort Lauderdale and therefore the metropolis area! These wave-runners rentals can offer you a unforgettable adventure of splashing through waves and exploring the Sunshine State shore. We tend to feature all new, progressive VX one hundred ten four Stroke wave runners rated for up to a few persons, most recent technology provides safe, stable and simple to ride fun for the complete family.

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