The cost includes fuel, wetsuit and orientation.A  We will require a Visa or Mastercard or Discover (NO DEBIT) to hold for a damage deposit. Jet skis, also known as wave runners, Sea Doos, AquaTrax, or personal watercraft (PWC), is a water vessel meant for sitting, standing or kneeling ON the vessel rather than IN the vessel. There about one and a half million personal watercraft out there on the water these days, in use by about 20 million people annually. According to the United States Coast Guard, 99.99 Percent of personal watercraft are operated accident free. In Florida, while PWD registrations have increased by fifty percent since 1995, accidents have decreased by 67 percent in that same time period. Now that you know all about jet ski, how safe it is, and the regulations, it’s time to get out there and enjoy Key West! There’s no better way to get your Key West adrenaline on than to rent a Jet Ski and enjoy the warm, shallow waters of the Florida Keys!
A Jet Ski or Waverunner rental combines speed, maneuverability and the wind and waves to give you an unmatched watersports experience. You can jump some waves, take in some sights and see whatever Mother Nature decides to show you. What could be easier than just showing up at the dock and hopping on your personal watercraft?
Blue Reef Watersports has the best in Wet n Wild Jet ski rentals are offered at our Perdido Key Florida location. Our experienced staff will ensure that even the most novice riders feel like a pro in no time. Jet Ski Waverunner Rentals, Fishing, Night Fishing, Inland Fishing, Watersports, Rentals, Parasail. You can drive out to mangrove islands, circle the island of Key West, explore patch reef close to shore, or ride some waves if you feel adventurous.

Jet Skis have come a long way since they were first manufactured, and the sport has evolved to attract families who ride multi-person vessels for a safe day on the water.
In Florida alone, Personal Watercraft registrations have increased by fifty percent in ten year. Because of boater education, tighter restrictions on Jet Ski usage, and better vessel design, the number of accidents has been falling every year since 1996. Florida has a great safety record, with some of the tightest safety regulations in effect in the country, as recommended by the Personal Watercraft industry.
They are also required by Florida state law to provide a demonstration on the water, of how to use a jet ski. The rules are simple: stay within the enormous ride area, obey the marine laws, and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else! It’s a fun way to enjoy the beautiful weather and warm sub-tropical ocean temperatures we have here in the Florida Keys. There’s no loading of your vessel-they are parked right at the dock in the water and ready to go. Some visitors to Key West opt for jet ski rental tours, where a local guide will lead you to interesting spots on a planned route around the island.
The older models have 2-stroke engines but today’s models come with a quieter 4-stroke engine that most people prefer. When you rent a jet ski, etiquette includes following water safety rules that other boaters would fallow. Captain your own jet ski, or take a friend along for a wet and wild discovery of the beautiful harbors and nearby tropical islands of Key West. Just walk down to the tiki hut on the beach and get ready for some fun in the suna€¦ We provide the best in class and new Yamama Waverunner Deluxe units with 140 horsepower. We provide all safety instructions and will show you exactly how to get back on the machine in the water if you fall off.

If you have questions or concerns, our beginner’s guide will clear them up so you can get out there and enjoy the water! Personal Watercraft had a reputation in the past as noisy annoying vessels but the integration of the newer, quieter engines is already improving the public’s opinion of these vessels.
Jet Ski rentals should also refrain from doing what’s known as donuts repeatedly in front of private homes or other boaters that are anchored. Be your own guide or join a tour group on jet skis and let the local guide take you to special spots around the Florida Keys.
Whether you are out for a smooth ride in the backcountry on calm waters, or out on the ocean side for some thrill-seeking adventure jumping boat wakes, you will appreciate late-model equipment and superior handling. Renting Jet Skis from Blue Reef Watersports is an experience full of exhilarating fun for the whole family.
The new technology includes catalysts and direct injection with a result of dramatically reduced NOx and hydrocarbon emissions. Also, if you are going to ride the wakes of boaters, keep a clear distance from the boat itself. Imagine zipping down mangrove trails or over the backcountry to see remote areas not usually visited by most tourists. Your Florida Keys Jet Ski rental outfitter will provide you with a personal flotation device, which is absolutely necessary. Ita€™s your choice and youa€™re the captain with Jet Ski rentals provided by Blue Reef Watersports.

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