Bell and his buddy Scott Dobbins were fishing in Harmon that is about 20 miles south of Paris Landing State Park in about 8 feet of water. The next stop for the Big Bass Splash will be on Lake Fork in Alba, TX, September 19-20-21 at Lake Fork Marina. The Big Bass Splash is the Richest Amateur Big Bass Fishing Tournament as featured on National Gepgraphic.
In the Clarksville area, there is the variety of fishing that the Cumberland River, Red River, West Fork Red River, Clarksville Marina, Liberty Park Lake and Fort Campbell’s Lake Taal and Lake Kyle offers. If you want to take a short drive or boat ride, Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley offer abundant fishing possibilities for almost any species of fish.
Houston Smith, tournament director of the Montgomery County Bass Club, emphasizes that Clarksville residents are very fortunate because there are so many opportunities for good fishing in the Greater Clarksville Area.
Grayson Smith, Houston’s younger brother and BassMasters Southern Opens Co-Angler of the Year, says there is a wide-variety of fishing opportunities for people who live in Clarksville. Houston points out that Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake are wonderful places to fish and there are many boat ramps less than an hour away. If you are fishing in the greater Clarksville Area, try out the Cumberland River, the Red River, the West Fork Red River or the local tributary creeks such as the Yellow Creek, Guice’s Creek, Fletchers Fork or Ringgold Creek.
Lake Kyle and Lake Taal at Ft Campbell are also some good fishing holes for a variety of fish. Houston says that Bass fishing on the Cumberland River can be a challenge but there are a few things that anglers can do to increase their odds of landing a big one. The two brothers recommend using a dark red worm with a quarter ounce weight or a deep diving crank bait. The brothers who have been fishing together their whole life recommend throwing the worm or crank bait as close as you can to the bank or the edge of cover and slowly reeling it back to you. It is often hard to get close to the cover – such as bushes, downed trees, logs, rock ledges, docks, and barge ties, without your bait getting hung-up, but the brothers say that is actually a good thing. Houston and Grayson Smith have been fishing together their whole life but the sport of fishing has recently brought the two brothers closer together over the last several years. For those interested in bass fishing in the Clarksville area, Houston recommends joining the Montgomery County Bass Club.
For more information on the Montgomery County Bass Club and tournament info visit their Facebook page. Water Clarity a€¦ The water on both Lakes is in great shape for fishing.A  With the drawdown in progress, the shoreline is exposed and during times of wind and waves so expect some color in the water.
Water Temps a€¦ Surface temps on both lakes are in the mid 80a€™s and could fluctuate higher in the afternoons due to the unseasonable heat. 3.) Deep diving crankbaits have caught some fish on the points and ledges but in reality plastics fished slowly ruled, especially for the bigger fish we caught.
White Bass a€¦ Although we bass fished most of the week and didna€™t have much time to devote to White bass, when we did it was very good. Catfish, Bluegill & Crappie a€¦ We didna€™t have the opportunity to fish for these species therefore there is no report.

Make sure your HDS unit(s) has the correct settings for the type of fishing you do.A  In a lot of cases the units are set for a€?general usea€? not specific.
Arrange the screens so they display what you want them to show and make going from page to page orderly and non-confusing. Eliminate unwanted, non-practical on screen data that clutters your screen and gets in the way of using your unit to its maximum potential. Demo the unit for you to help you be familiar with the screens and commands, so youa€™ll have a good understanding of how to use the unit and take advantage of its fish finding capabilities.
As a bonus Kicka€™n Bass will help you learn to read an electronic topo map and find a€?places of interesta€? that could be potential fishing hot spots. Bell’s catch weighed in at 8.72 pounds and topped the second place finisher by almost two pounds.
Neither one were weighed on Saturday, so they became an open drawing amongst the contestants. There were 501 entries in this year’s Kentucky Lake event and 17 states were represented with anglers coming from as far away as Florida, Michigan and Virginia. A special thank you to the local support from Paris Landing State Park, Stewart County, Fish Tale Lodge.
There are also a number of local creeks, ponds and streams that provide countless chances for some good catches.
Bluegill and crappie fishing is great and people are breaking records at catfish tournaments right here on the Cumberland River in Clarksville,” says Houston.
Tennessee Federation Nation and hosts a tournament almost every week for both boaters and non-boaters.
Comments on this web page are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment. Shallow running crank baits are catching some fish on the points but generally speaking they are smaller.A  A A? oz PJa€™s football jig in Missouri craw has also been a good backup choice for fishing on the points. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
When he hooked the fish, his partner Dobbins looked at Bell and said, “We just won a Triton!” They raced to the weigh-in so they could get into the 8 to 9 o’clock hour on Saturday, which landed him $2000 since he had the bonus t-shirt.
McWorth Management was presented with a check for $2,500 for the Ronald McDonald House at Sunday awards ceremony. A big thank you to Shelli Perry, Alane Paschall and McWorth Management for all of your hard work and dedication to help make this event successful. The accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude, factuality, and politeness of comments are not guaranteed. The lure comes in several sizes and your favorite colors and the Big Bite Hook takes care of business too!A  Also the keepers are available in screw lock for soft plastics and a straight wire for the ZMan Elaztech baits.A  The a€?Ledge Grousera€? is available at The Fishermana€™s Friend (270-362-4323) and tackle shops around Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.
Casting a diving crank bait, we were able to pick off the aggressive biters and then cleaned up using Shakey Heads.A  With out the aid of our electronics, locating these fish would not have been possible.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

In seasons past I have always had a finish or 2 in the 90's or 100's and I am working to avoid that this year. Several fish came to the scales on Sunday, but Bell’s 8.72-pound lunker from Saturday held on for the win sending him back to Scottsboro, AL with $40,000 in cash and prizes. Hunter Brown of Florence, AL was the first name drawn to claim his $1,000 and then Billy Ward of Troy, TN was drawn for the second $1,000. We would also like to thank Two Rivers Bass Club for providing Live Release Boat and fish care along with the Junior Bass Club for running fish. A Both Largemouth and Smallmouth are feasting on schools of shad on main lake points and secondary points in the front halves of the creeks and bays. It has been a long time (2007) since I competed on Kentucky Lake but I feel I understand the fishery pretty well. With the warm water bass metabolisms are in high gear and a€?Find the bait fish and youa€™ll find the bassa€?. In three days of official practice we never saw the sunshine and probably never had winds less than 10 mph.
I reason why it was so tough wasn't just because of the weather but also the way I approached practice. Yea that kinda sounds weird but here on Kentucky Lake if you aren't finding the larger schools of fish you really aren't finding the bass. The day I fished shallow was fair but I couldn't find the better fish needed to have a shot at even cashing a check.
I was hoping there wouldn't be many other competitors there so I could move around the area and fish it effectively. I wasn't happy about it, but honestly I would have joined a group if I had located the same school in practice. I fish the location for another 2 hours with one more fish becoming unbutton as I fought it to the boat. I decided at about 12:30 to run into the back of a creek with a small rock pile to see if I could get a bit and immediately I caught a 4 lber.
You must be willing to idle for hours on end to locate 2-3 maybe 4-5 schools of bass over a 3-day practice period. I believe I have a much better understanding and I am looking forward to a good performance next time I am there, no doubt!Kurt Dove and Dillon Harrell came out swinging with 11-9.
A good day, but not enough to eclipse the leaders.High School All-American EventOnce eliminated from the tournament I was asked to participate as an Elite Pro partner for the High School All-American tournament to be held on Lake Barkley. There were about 12 distinguished high school competitors chosen by BASS from around the country to take part in this special event.
We ended up finishing in 3rd place in this exhibition event fishing straight tail worms on a shakey head around isolated drop offs near the dam.

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