Been here at least twice growing up and I think three times for spring break in college, but the last time was 1993 I believe, way too long.
En route to Dry Tortugas National Park our onboard naturalist will give you an orientation about the area and the national park's surroundings. You can travel inside the main cabin in air-conditioned comfort or outside on one of the observation decks. I thought the bartender had a way cool t-shirt, so of course I found a way to get us some before we left town.

Didn't get back to the hotel until after 6pm, where I caught up with Rob and Mary by the pool and hot tub.
You will reach the National Park boundaries within 2 hours 10 minutes after leaving Key West harbor. Invincible- slightly better finish, not as soft, little better drift which i believe is due to the tunnel hull.
Overall, I'll choose yellowfin all day longiĀ»?Antonio Virani: The thing is, that invincible is probly going 68+ knts and the yellowfin is going much much slow which makes the ride nicer.

Yellowfin and Invincible are the best, but Yellowfin's 36 is not of better quality than invincible's 36.

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