Our Houseboats are located at the Nautical Inn and Resort on the Island in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you are bringing personal boats or watercraft, you will have the use of the private hotel launch ramp – No launch fees or long lines! If you want to rent any tag-along-rentals we do offer special rates for our houseboat customers. The resort is less than a 2 mile drive into town that has many major grocery chains available for you to make all of your food and beverage purchases as well as any last minute items that you may need or forgot. Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu is an excellent way to spend some time in the sun and enjoy the perfect the weather.
Lounging in the middle of lake, having a safe and fun race through the channel, and exploring the beautiful scenery under the London Bridge are only the beginnings of the experiences paddleboarding on Lake Havasu has to offer!
Houseboat rentals in Lake Havasu City at the Nautical Inn and Resort gives you the opportunity to park your vehicle on secure hotel property with no daily fees for houseboat rental customers.
The Nautical Inn and Resort is less than a 2 mile drive into town, giving you the chance to go to the major grocery chains or maybe a Walmart or Kmart are also available in case you need to make any last minute food or beverage purchases in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
For additional information you can view this item at Nautical Sports Center-Lake Havasu or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing. Whether your taking a Spring Break vacation or a Winter escape, Lake Havasu Houseboat Rentals has it all for you. Lake Havasu Houseboating Questions and Answers for your Houseboat Vacation in Arizona, California – houseboat, rentalsrental, house, boat, house Lake Havasu City. Lake Havasu Houseboat the rental agreement.- The fully payment of the amount owed is due sixty days before actually boarding your houseboat. Lake Havasu boat Rentals, havasu boats, havasu boat rentals, rentals Houseboat Rentals Houseboat vacations on Lake Havasu are all about charting your own course. Find Lake Havasu Houseboat Vacation in Lake Havasu City with Address, Phone number from Yahoo! The iconic Lake Havasu City London Bridge attracts thousands of visitors every year to peer over its edge into the calming waters of Lake Havasu.

By the end of the 18th century, it was becoming more and more obvious that the London Bridge needed to be replaced. Not satisfied with the efficiency of the London Bridge, the London Common Council began to seek potential buyers. There are many exciting activities to be a part of when visiting the Lake Havasu City London Bridge. When you arrive at the Resort please park and go to the boat rental office located in the general store on the lower level. There is no daily parking fees for our houseboat customers, however every vehicle will need a permit that we will issue to you when you arrive at our rental office. Only one more month until the wave of Spring Break 2014 begins to crash through Lake Havasu City! The Nautical Watersports Center is proud to offer the premier paddleboard rental service in Lake Havasu City.
Paddleboarding in Lake Havasu is the best way to enjoy the water with friends or family before Spring Break 2014 arrives.
Nautical Sports Center has the largest rental fleet located right on the water giving you easier access and convenience.
The London Bridge is marvelous structure, and many wonder about how it arrived to the city of Lake Havasu. Scottish engineer John Rennie designed the plans for a new bridge, and the work was completed by 1831.
Famous entrepreneur and founder of Lake Havasu City Robert McCulloch purchased the bridge for 2.5 million dollars in 1968.
One of them includes renting a boat from the Nautical Watersports Center to experience the bridge from the amazing waters directly below it! Soon the channel will be crowded with tons of boats and the sound of music will resonate through the English Village. The weather has been extremely nice throughout the winter, and many of the local residents have been soaking up as much sun as they can. The beautiful 12’ boards accompanied by a top of the line carbon fiber paddle allow children and adults of all ages easy access to navigating the waters of Lake Havasu. Take a day off from the gym this weekend and rent some paddleboards for the family from the Nautical Watersports Center to have a day filled with fun, activity, and togetherness!

The Nautical Watersports Center would love to send you and your family out on the lake for a good time.
No launch ramp lines and no hassles for your convenience pick up your rental boat right on the dock at The Nautical Inn Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
The original London Bridge, made famous by its cameo in the “My Fair Lady” song, was constructed nearly 800 years ago in London! Take advantage of the serenity and calmness of the lake over the next month before Spring Break 2014 begins by trying something new – paddleboarding!
Before it graced the waters of Lake Havasu, head architect Peter of Colechurch assembled the bridge to span the Thames River. Constant traffic placed a heavy burden on the structural integrity of the bridge, and it began sinking several inches every year. McCulloch had the London Bridge disassembled block by block, and numbered each block before shipping each part to California. If you’re ready to experience the waters of Lake Havasu in a new and exciting fashion, please visit our paddleboard rental page. The original framework of the bridge proved to be sub par, so many repairs over the years 1200-1800 were required to keep the bridge safe and accessible to the public. The Lake Havasu City London Bridge was then trucked from California to Lake Havasu City where reconstruction was completed in 1971.
The frequent work done to improve the bridge became a comedic English pop culture reference, which can be heard in the lyrics of several different nursery rhymes. According to an Arizona tourism center, the London Bridge is the second largest attraction in Arizona, outdone only by the Grand Canyon.

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