For those people who have ever wanted the ultimate water sports, fishing, jet skiing, or sightseeing houseboat vacation; Lake Powell is the most visited houseboat lake in the world. The lake is great with its hidden coves and winding coastlines, perfect for your ski boat rental, Jet Ski, or water sport adventure.
Our Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals can help with your Lake Powell houseboat vacation rentals from picking the right size and amenities; to setting up your perfect wakeboard boat and jet ski rental combo package. Our catchy motto about how fun and knowledgeable we are and how we offer the best prices anywhere!
Landscape of Lake Powell and Geography of the AreaLake Powell is surrounded by mountainous terrain that is absolutely gorgeous during the summer.
Your Houseboat Vacation: cruising beneath high red rock cliff walls, exploring serpentine finger canyons, fishing for bass or walleye, swimming in the warm waters, and camping along sandy shores. For a spacious with luxury features at a very affordable price the 60 foot Eagle as an excellent choice.
The interior is very nicely furnished and has both a formal dining area and breakfast counter.

The Remote Fuel Tank Pump is only available on the 60' Eagle at Lake Powell, Antelope Point Marina. You may optionally select a marina, so we may provide you with the most accurate information. Your information will not be shared with anyone except as necessary to complete your request.
It has capacity for up to ten people on large beds and can be rented on a day-by-day basis after the 2 day minimum.
A ceiling fan keeps the salon cool but an air conditioner is available should the weather require it.
Lake Powell is well known for houseboating and our service is there to make it enjoyable for the seasoned houseboater or the first time houseboat vacationer. Enjoy your house boat rental; fishing, touring, swimming, water sking, wakeboarding there is an activity for everyone. So, visitors can expect the mountain terrains to be comprised of Navajo and Windgate sandstone.

This model also has several accessibility features including grab bars in the restroom, ramps to the wide patio door and a side gate on the deck level.
Services at Lake Powell with provide all you need from houseboat instruction, to towell & linens.
The rust, chocolate, and orange striated stone is a beautiful contrast to the beautiful blue skies and waters of Lake Powell. Many visitors are content to spend there time hiking, exporing the canyons, and enjoying the stars on the beach at night.
While sitting in the boat and looking around at the gorgeous landscape, it will be an ideal escape.

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