This page illustrates some of the boats that you can buy or have built to your specifications. The Tyee Spirit sculling rowboat, with its exquisite lapstrake-style planking, has all the features of the Whitehall Spirit® 14 rowboat in a hull that is slightly wider and fuller and can carry an even larger load. In the Tyee 14 sculling rowboat, you can row in locations that are way too rough for a racing scull or even an open water shell.
The slide seat unit itself is installed or removed in minutes, converting the boat back to a traditional oars-on-the-gunnel rowboat perfect for carrying three or four persons, or if an outboard motor is utilized. As do all Whitehall Spirit® boats, it features built-in buoyancy forward and aft, and is shown here with the optional removable solid teak floorboard system. To download a PDF to your computer, right-click on the link and select “Save link as”, “Save target as”, or “Download linked file”.

We encourage you to contact us by phone when placing a boat order to ensure that details are handled in the best manner possible. Two or three strokes take her up to speed – the long, smooth glide needs to be experienced to be believed.
On the sailing version of this model, the slide seat unit mounts over top of the centerboard well. An “Ocean Tender Floor” is available as well, which adds substantial extra reserve buoyancy (an important safety feature) to the boat, perfect for when the boat is used as a ship’s tender or shoreboat. The woodwork is solid teak finished in hand-rubbed oil, meaning maintenance is not an issue, and will require only about three hours per year.
A large stowage locker is built in and accessed through a hatch on the foredeck – a perfect spot for the dog to lounge.

Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze. In North America we will custom deliver your Whitehall Spirit® right to your door, dock or marina.
We can arrange for worldwide shipping by air or sea and have provided crating and export assistance for over twenty years.

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