More and more people are joining the ranks of boat owners who find enjoyment in the leisure activity of boating and fishing.
If your boat has been in a collision, showing wear from years of trailering, rocks, and docks, have it repaired by a reputable Minnesota boat repair company that has experience in collision, structural, and storm damaged boats to ensure it remains in first-rate condition and continue to operate properly.
Whether caused by a storm, collision, or just normal wear and tear, once damage has occurred, it is imperative to quickly get the damage repaired to seal out moisture and protect your boat or watercraft from further damage and to ensure the boat is a seaworthy vessel. Proper maintenance and repair are critical to your continued enjoyment and the safe use of your boat.
Flat tires and wheel repairs need to be made quickly and professionally so that the boat can be put back on the water as soon as possible. For your own safety and the safety of others, it is important to ensure the boat’s continued safe operation through proper maintenance and repair.

However, as anyone who has ever owned an aluminum boat knows, they are bound to suffer damage. From dents and scratches to corrosion, and holes, our boat repair technicians will expertly repair, replace, or refinish your watercraft’s aluminum exterior. Cracks, holes, soft areas, and crushed fiberglass will prevent watercraft from floating and running properly.
From patching holes to fixing leaky rivets and seams, we have performed all manner of repairs.  Whether your aluminum boat was damaged as the result of a collision or simply been exposed to the elements for far too long, our expert boat repair technicians can help! Repairs to the hull must be accompanied by trailer repairs to prevent a repeat performance. If the fiberglass is seriously cracked it can allow water to seep into contact with wooden ribs or decking and the resulting rot can cause serious problems.

The boat itself is fine, there are just two slow leaks that the placement of a sponge or two in the hull can stop on a short paddle, and there are some holes that have since been opened up and made jagged due to oxidation and stripping.
I might want something that is aluminum-based so that it will last and be as resilient as the boat itself.
All you need to do is have someone hold a sledge on one side of the rivet while you peen over the other side.

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