Grapeview Point Boat Works builds high quality small wooden craft that respect the values of traditional boat design, while incorporating modern materials and construction methods. The resulting boats combine elegance and beauty with ease of maintenance, strength, and light weight.
We are now building a modified Lake George Boat, based on the design of a boat in the Mystic Seaport Museum collection. Grapeview Point Boat Works’ boat designs are created by marine architects working in traditional styles that hark back as far as the mid-1800s. We welcome plans from other eras and architects, and would be happy to discuss them with you. If rowing is your interest, how about a Peapod, Humble Bee, Lake George Boat, Rangeley Lake Boat, or a St. At under 8 feet, the Humble Bee is agile and manuevrable, making it a great option as a tender to a larger boat, or as a fun boat to explore your favorite lake or estuary. The petit Acorn will look great hanging comfortably from davits on the stern of your sailboat or powerboat.
If you might have a companion aboard, the tandem MacGregor Canoe, also designed by Oughtred, is available decked or undecked, and with a sailing rig if desired. For socializing and sightseeing with a group of friends and family, the classically styled, ultra-quiet Zimmer Electric Launch is the perfect option.
Vacations in a Can" is a company that lets you enjoy a true adventurous vacation in one of their classic "canned hams" (teardrop trailers). This is Tutukaka House, a sustainable beach house designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, located on the northern tip of Northland in New Zealand. Someone at Passionata knew exactly what they were doing when they chose Bar Refaeli as the spokeswoman for their lingerie. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset allows you to listen to music or take phone calls wirelessly, whilst working out. This is East House Byron Bay, an ordinary brick house which was renovated with sustainable design applied.
Jacob Jensen is a Danish industrial designer, best known for his work with Bang and Olufsen. Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives is a luxury, all-inclusive beach resort set amongst the perfect islands and blue crystal clear water of South Ari Atoll in the Indian Ocean. Updated: April 10, 2016Added the CPB-2016 PLANSand the 1 SHEET PRAM to the new design section. If you are a new reader, you might like to know that there are absolutely no ads on this website. 1 SHEET +  is an attempt to make a nice looking, good performing small boat out of a single sheet of plywood.
The 4 + CORO-HULLS, is a combination of four different, but similar, plastic-hull designs constructed of 1 sheet of 4 MM COROPLAST material. COMPOSITE CRUISER - The primary purpose of this design was to build a small pram style boat that was ultra-lightweight, easy and inexpensive to build, was unsinkable, and used Coroplast plastic as the hull material. DUET Utility Boat - A two module transportable that has the capacity to hold a small family. EXPLORER 2 - Is a simple to build, 2 module portable boat, ideal for cruising small lakes, ponds and tributaries. FOAM BOAT -  A single occupant, two module nesting design that is constructed of 1 inch polyfoam sheets, and reinforced with fiberglass cloth.
KAYAK+ - This was designed as a dual function boat that would be easy to paddle, and also be trolling motor powered. MINI-CAT -  This is a small twin-hull platform boat design, which was the Design Contest Winner for 2012.
MPDR - MODULAR PD RACER was designed for those that want the PDR experience, but prefer not to trailer it. POD-2  (Paddle On Demand) - This is a redesign of a very popular boat, expressly intended for the younger generation. RIVER ROVER - This is a new boat, specifically designed for shallow water use, and can be constructed in different lengths and widths.
TOTER DUCKBOAT -  Developed per a customer request for a duckboat that was hunting dog friendly. A Marinekart Portable Lightweight Boat is a great solution to having some low maintenance fun on the water. Some of the key contemporary designers include Iain Oughtred of the UK and Joel White and Doug Hylan of Brooklyn, Maine. This 16' boat can be rowed single or double, with or without a passenger, who gets to travel in style!

Designed by Iain Oughtred, it has a graceful simplicity and elegance, yet is a practical, stable vessel. This 19'6" sailing boat can carry up to 6 adult passengers, or several adults and a couple of kids and gear. Able to carry up to ten adults in comfort, it will travel at 5 kts for about 40 miles on a single charge. Careful attention to fit, grain direction, and species of wood result in boats that are long lived and beautiful. Designed to rest with perfect comfort in the palm of your hand, the Buddha Bowl is perfect for rice, latte, soup, tea, ice cream, and even cereal.
The company offers custom-built tear trailers for purchase, and teardrop trailers for rental. Cintia pulls off equal parts bombshell and bad ass with the various outfits from the shoot. Marinekart boats feature high resistance materials traditionally used for sailboat hulls, thus assuring strength, rigidity and ultra light weight.
The minimal Curt Deck Chair has no back legs, it was designed to lean against a wall or rails in a flat angle like a ladder, it?s two diagonal legs with anti-slip coated feet assure the chair stays in place, making it perfectly safe and comfortable to sit. The Ice Tea Maker features a glass carafe, a drip-free pouring lip with a flip-top lid, and a stainless steel loose leaf tea filter enabling you to make your own ice tea with your favorite flavors. The headset offers US Military Grade rain, shock and dust protection allowing you to exercise in any environment.
Designed by Kaiju Studios for Herman Miller, the Aria Desk has a minimalist design and elegant style, it helps you be organized. Here we'll post just a few of the things you are missing if you aren't following Who Designed It?
There latest creation, a custom 1987 Honda XL600R enduro was commissioned by actress Katee Sackhoff, she gave John Ryland and his team 100% creative freedom. It features 112 suites and water villas and offers diving enthusiasts outstanding diving conditions.
The plans detail the SKIFF design (shown), the most complicated, but also apply to the a few others; Pram, Kayak, Jon Boat and Canoe as well. Just a few simple steps from vehicle to water, then the easy part begins, safely cruising around your favorite water spot. The result is a 30 pound craft that is easy to transport and easy to paddle, and literally sits on top of the water.
It folds in half, to a 4 foot length, a 28 inch width and a 2 inch thickness, so that it will fit in any vehicle for transport.
It can be constructed in one of two sizes, one only 9" high, strictly as a kayak, the other 12" for motoring, both with buoyancy compartments for safety.
Built lightweight, it can be transported by all trucks, vans, suv's and some hatch backs, and even a bicycle !  Stand up steady, it will make a great weekender for the sole hunter and fisherman, or woman. A boat with a capacity of 750 pounds on the water, converts to a 7 foot camper with accommodations for 2 adults.
This 3 module nesting version holds true to the hull design criteria, while providing a shorter length for transport and storage. It's forerunner wedge hull design is widest at the stern, where the heaviest load is placed. The unique aspect of the design is the foldable mast and boom, which all fits in the hull for transport. The two modules fold on top of each other for a transport size of 4' long, 3' wide and 2' high. With a mainsail and a jib, the boat is capable of some fun sailing, and it can accommodate 2 occupants. Based on the original Toter hull series, the inside aft of the hull was lowered to almost water level to allow the dog easy exit and entry of the boat. The builder has the option to construct any of 5 defined hull sizes, or anything else of their choosing. You can think of these Marinekart Portable Lightweight Boats as Go-Karts since they weigh roughly only 120 pounds.
It is developed using high resistance materials and manufactured using sandwich layers vacuum technology which is traditionally used for sailboat hulls for great strength and rigidity as well as ultra light weight.
Whether designed for rowing, sailing or paddling, the greatest pleasure comes from a boat that is lovely to look at and a joy to use. These are boats designed for optimal rowing ability or for use as a tender to a larger vessel. The desk features a primary surface made with high-performance white laminate for your laptop and a elevated secondary surface made from solid walnut for placing peripherals, papers, coffee cups and other gadgets.

Made with durable G-1000, the hooded coat is windproof and water repellent, perfect for everyday use.
Easy to build and assemble at the water, it fits in all trucks and suv's, no trailer required. This is the third generation of the "wedge" hull shape design, and it incorporates the previous builders suggestions for greater freeboard, dry storage and a sail rig option. The single occupant hull is 8' long, with an additional center module it will seat two, and is 11' feet long.
Ideally suited to the novice sailor, it features many options, from foot steering and boom-less sail, to a unique method of keeping the hull erect in heavy winds. Approved by Shorty Routh, the PDR originator, the modular version has good interior room and can accept all PDR options, and it is class legal to race. Capable of accommodating 2 adults, it makes a great hunting or fishing boat, to get into those hard to reach areas. All the attributes of the Toter 2 are enhanced with the sail rig, making the boat a true multi-tasker. The plans are complete, and provide the builder with many options which will personalize their boat.
The low weight make them easy to transport and you can get up to speeds over 20 mph thanks to the 6 hp outboard engine that attaches quickly to the bod and offers easy maneuverability. Each has its own characteristics, so discuss with us what type of waters are in your area so we can help you select the most appropriate choice for you. The multipurpose, small size boat can be used as a yacht tender and is perfect for fishing or family fun. It also features two chest pockets, two side pockets, two top-loaded pockets at the hem, and two pockets on the inside to keep all your gadgets safe. Costing about $100 to construct, and capable of a 6 foot 190 pound occupant, it can be many things to many people. With a 500 pound capacity and ample storage, it also makes a great fishing boat or tender, easily handled by a single person. Rugged yet lightweight, the Easy One makes a great utility boat, and with an added center module, can seat two in comfort.
The hull design is unique for a boat this size, and utilizes my "skin on foam" construction process. But, the biggest new feature is the redesigned aft end that can now accept an optional trolling motor. It is also easy to paddle, and will accept a trolling motor for hours of leisurely cruising at 3 mph.
It gets it name from what it is: Simple-Inexpensive-Multipurpose-Portable-Lightweight-Easy to build. It also has built-in buoyancy, but still nests to store in less than 5 square feet of floor space.
With built-in safety buoyancy and a short, wide sail, the boat is safe for almost anyone to operate. Then there's cool features like comfy eva cushion seating for up to four people, a removable waterproof bag, and a "unsinkable" sandwich build. Like the Rangeley, it can be rowed single or double, and there are seats for passengers in both the bow and stern. The built-in buoyancy and ample storage space, coupled with the optional sailing rig completes the design as a true multi-purpose boat. The boat, named after my Grandsons, is handsome, like them, and is easy to build from 2 sheets of plywood.
With a cost of around $100 to build, plus accessories, it is a good boat for those just getting into the boat building hobby. Empty weight is about 130 pounds, plus gear, and it is easily fabricated with common shop tools.
The sail is home made of white polytarp material, and should provide many seasons of enjoyment at very little cost.
The 3 modules easily bolt together for fast assembly at the water, and the refined structure will provide years of service. Also available is a sail rig set of plans designed specifically for the Pollywog, see below.

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