Our smaller sailing yachts come with a Booth 9' fiberglass rowing dinghy which is towed behind the boat. Some of our power yachts come with a 9' Livingston Dinghy which is carried on the swim grid or on davits. Is there a cruising sailor anywhere who doesn’t dream of having a tender that can double as daysailer?
We traded in our RIB inflatable for an aluminum tender last year, and we’ve never looked back. Practically the first thing I learned on flying back to Bermuda to rejoin Lunacy this past Thursday was that there would be dinghy races here in St. The concept is familiar enough: take some slip of a traditional hull form, tack on an egregiously over-sized sail plan, pour in a large, eager crew to somehow keep the whole shebang upright. Clare and I spent the morning chasing the four-boat fleet through race one up and down the windward-leeward course in our little inflatable. This profile shot of Victory driving to windward gives some sense of the size of a fitted dinghy’s sail plan. The victorious dinghy ContestĀ from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club showing good form flying her chute downwind. An older gentleman, Rob, sailed this tiny 22-foot gaff-rigged Falmouth cutter, named Defiance, singlehanded over to the W’Indies from England for the winter and is now voyaging home again. This is a boat, Star, that I have long admired–a triple-masted Marco Polo design by L. When it hasn’t been raining, Clare and I have been exploring the immediate vicinity by dinghy and on foot and have also forayed to Hamilton by bus. Price reduced Small trades considered This vessel is well and ruggedly built by a local shipwright.
The scenery is outstanding with lush tropical greenery moving its way from the waters edge high into the mountainous hillsides all around you. Once you start to motor up the river the hustle and bustle of Livingston will die away and you will be transfixed by the beauty around you. As you quietly and slowly float through this emerald paradise you will see many spectacular birds. Sailing up the river and through the El Golfete you will find local families in their dug out canoes fishing for their dinner. The river then opens out and you will see many yachts anchored or moored in the Marinas at the side of the river. Under the bridge and to the far end of the river you will see Castillo de San Felipe, a small castle built by the Spanish around c1600 to protect the peninsula being attacked by pirates. Lake Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala and is over 589.6km squared, lies only 8m above sea level and in places is over 50 feet deep. Fronteras and El Relleno are the two towns located on either side of the river at the base of the 85 foot steel and concrete modern bridge. Belize and the Rio Dulce is a superb charter destination and you will not be disappointed. The only problem with this dream is you really need to have a hard dinghy to make it come true.
First, the floor (except for a couple of hard bits around the daggerboard and mast step) is inflatable instead of solid.

Required fields are marked *Comment Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. You see variations on the theme in such vessels as the Chesapeake log canoe, Bahamian sloops, and a half-dozen other traditional racing classes scattered across the Caribbean basin. Conditions were a bit strong for such precarious craft–wind blowing 15 knots and over with a mild chop. The crew member to leeward is bailing furiously, an important job, as the lee rail is often underwater. Notice how one crew member has to hold the spinnaker pole in place against a shroud while the sail is flying. She is built of ferrocement, and Rob is the first person I’ve ever met who swears that ferro is his favorite boatbuilding material. She’s manned by a couple who sailed her from the Med to the Caribbean and are now headed back again. Lunacy is in good shape, though I’m still scratching my head over the problem with the flooding exhaust.
This splendid gift of nature consists of floodable jungles, swamps, lakes, rivers, grassland and savannahs under palm trees.
Raul, the Customs Officer is the only official that speaks English and he is always happy to help. The transformation zone between the fresh water river meeting the salty Bahia de Amatique makes marine life thrive. With over 600 bird species inhabiting the river banks and surrounding jungles you will be dazzled by the bird’s brilliant colours, size and graceful flight. Their homes are very basic and small clusters of Mayan and Indian settlements are scattered along the river banks.
These roots are very big and can damage the yacht so bow watching is recommended at this stage of the journey. The lake is filled by many fresh water tributary rivers the largest being the Polochic river that flows in northeastern Guatemala and enters the lake at the west end.
This is more of a dedicated inflatable sailboat, with a flat PVC inflatable hull under a rigid metal frame, and is cleverly designed. That and the prospect of a front moving through on Saturday immediately put my inchoate plan for a Memorial Day weekend mini-cruise with the bride on the back burner. He lost a previous boat, a ferro Venus ketch, when he sailed straight into one of the Azores while sleeping back in the 1980s.
The crew told us they found a crack in the mast, had it pulled, and are now waiting for repairs to be made. You will be joined by sweet chirping, small brown and white birds that will swoop around your yacht and sit on your guard rails.
The scenery is outstanding with lush tropical greenery moving its way from the waters edge high into the mountainous hillsides all around you. A tower was built in 1595 with 12 artillery and 12 solders were placed to man the post and defend the cargo from pirates. The river is surrounded by tropical vegetation with the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Northwest and the Minas and San Isidor Mountainous range to the southwest and southeast. An evening here is great fun, they have a games room with pool tables, basic dart boards and a large TV playing sport and music.

These towns have numerous small shops, stalls, diners, an ice-cream shop and inexpensive hotels.
It is a local bar and restaurant set up by the orphanage and run by young volunteers from all over the world. According to Ian Thomson of Nestaway Boats, which just started selling the boats into the U.K. Subtract the British VAT included in Ian’s price (20%) and that works out to about $2,950 USD. I have also long been acquainted with Victory‘s current skipper, Mark Soares, founder of Bermuda Yacht Services. One crew had the chutzpah to fly their chute on all downwind legs and thus dominated the competition. Several, of course, are boring cookie-cutter fiberglass designs, but it is encouraging to see that there are also still a few funky boats with character (and characters aboard) roaming around out there. Livingston is hilly and tropical, with a totally different feeling to anywhere else in Guatemala.
This splendid gift of nature consists of floodable jungles, swamps, lakes, rivers, grassland and savannahs under palm trees. Full of life the river has over 200 species of freshwater fish, manatees, otters and turtles also inhabit the waters. The lake has many cayes that are surrounded by reeds and hidden along the shores are quiet bays, rivers and lagoons.
By mid 1650’s piracy had decreased and the fort was used as prison and place of exile. There is a bar in the games room and they are happy to serve you until you leave, regardless of the time. Compare that to the $2,800 I paid for my current Apex inflatable, sans sailing rig, and it seems pretty reasonable. Poor Victory came in last in the first race, sank in the second (so we later learned), but did come in second in the last race. The reserve was set up to protect these severely endangered, docile mammals and all visitors are welcome. During the day they are more than happy to let you use the pool providing you have a meal with them. The fabric should, however, be more durable than plain old PVC and is also lighter (and less costly) than Hypalon. The excavation of the site found the original foundations, which the new building was erected on. Of course, the inflatable floor, though not as stiff as a solid floor, also reduces weight, which is something, frankly, that seems more and more important to me as I get older.

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