The subject of houseboat designs is never ending since style, function, and features are constantly added to provide improved functionality and practicality. For a better understanding of the different terms and houseboat styles and designs found around the world, we've put together a small selection to show the differences. Planing Houseboat The advantages of a planning hull are that with enough horsepower they can get up on plane to achieve higher speeds. Full Hull HouseboatThe full hull style is popular since it is full width and provides a very stable platform for many boats in North America.

Pontoon HouseboatThe pontoon houseboat can come in the twin pontoon, or the tri-pontoon design.
Catamaran HouseboatCatamaran houseboats are less popular, yet offer unsurpassed economy and stability.
Floating Home HouseboatIf simplicity and cost are a factor, than you'll find these floating home houseboats may be just for you. You will find that gasoline is the most popular propulsion option whether in single or dual installations.

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