This Rubber Band Paddle Boat will cover the Wolf Elective #5 f (make a model boat with a rubber band propeller) and  g, h and i which is to make or put together a model boat, airplane, train or car. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
If you cut slots in two pieces of plastic and mesh them together to get a cross shaped piece and then use it as a paddle wheel, it will not fall off the rubber band. Making homemade toys like a paddle boat is an exciting way to introduce scientific principles to your kids---in this case, propulsion. With the point facing away from you, cut a square from the base of the boat hull you have just shaped.

Trim the wood square so it can easily fit back in the square cut from the base of your boat without touching the edges. It is possible to use other materials such as cardboard and plastic, but wood is the most effective and durable. Experiment with different sizes of rubber bands and propellers to see how variations affect the propulsion. Run a single rubber band from the eyelet on the propeller to the homemade eyelet on your paperclip rear mounting. You can add some fun with a sail or sailor and decorate your boat with paints or felt-tip pens.

Your boat hull should resemble a tall house, and now you are cutting a large door into it at the bottom. Measurements do not need to be specific, but the height of the square should be roughly one third the height of the boat; make sure you leave at least half an inch on each side intact. Slot the two sections together so they form a cross when viewed from the side and glue using wood glue.

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