Meanwhile, I cut fins from a cardboard box and we attached them to the tubes using our hot glue gun (which then proceeded to explode…). I then inserted the circular, tubed part of the flames inside the bottom of the rocket and secured it with hot glue. A simple, rhyming book that tells all about rockets, their adventures in space and their return to earth. If this is your first time visiting Boy Mama Teacher Mama, welcome!  Did you know that you can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and G+? We’ve recently blogged about The Sea of Tranquility by Mark Haddon – do you know it?
Welcome to Boy Mama Teacher Mama!My name is Stephanie and I am the creator of Boy Mama Teacher Mama. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If this is your first time visiting Boy Mama Teacher Mama, welcome!A  Did you know that you can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and G+? Some friends of mine recently had a house full of family who had come to say goodbye to their beloved mother and grandmother. Brittney was trying to decide earlier on a gift for an aunt on the one-year anniversary of losing a daughter. I'm really going to try to be good about my holiday checklist this week (if you missed the original, you can get it here). If you want your bread to have a crunchy crust (like when baking french bread, for example), bake it with a ceramic dish filled with water. A little more fun for your coworkers, with *almost* everything coming in at $15 or under (I couldn't resist the porcupine, even if he is a tad spendy, I mean look at the little guy. A special Tony's Trailers VIDEO giving more info on Shopping Cart Conversions is now available on YouTube! I modify the wheels in the picture to improve their load capability by installing 3 rows of precision sealed bearings in each hub. Yes it’s true you can and I will show you some pictures that will get you started looking for the free material to build your own cargo trailer. All the materials can be had for free; this includes a derelict shopping cart and old bicycles and parts.
I must stress that you observe all safety precautions and make sure the welding is performed by a competent welder. This initiative came out of a program to enable recycling of materials by those most disadvantaged in our society and in effect it produces a 100% recycled trailer or pushcart which when used for recycling is purely and simply the most effective and ecologically sound way to help save the Planet.
I have produced about 90 of these so far, looking at different ways of using whatever is available-there are many ways to go and your own initiative is given free scope-within some design considerations.
We are looking to get schools and groups with access to metal working tools to participate-making these either for their own use or to donate to recycling programs. Our ultimate aim here is to create a community bike shop to facilitate storage and repairs to keep the fleet on the roads with maintenance programs for the carts and the pulling bikes.
All the ones made so far have gone to the Homeless population here on this Island so the pix also show the nitty-gritty of life on the streets, which however is eased a little by using a trailer or pushcart for their possessions and to increase revenue from hauling more bottles and cans and other refundables. I'm in the process of building my own bike trailer to carry salvaged lumber which I'll use to build custom furniture.
Not having any metal working skills or tools to speak of, the hitch has been my biggest challenge.
Most grocery chains are happy to get them recycled for free once they are rusty or the casters are wobbly or bent or the baskets bent so they won’t stack together anymore-lots of reasons.
Getting the old bikes is easier and almost any kind and size works-some better than others. I’ll show a few pix here to get you started and add more as I continue making a few more conversions. There should be enough detail in the pix to help you-I hope so –Given the time constraints of running a one-man business I can't promise to answer any questions. Darling beloved girlfriend of mine, have you featured old shopping trolleys on your terrifically awesome site Recycle This? Upscale model in push mode, only one person is needed but Amanda of CGC in Duncan is getting a taste for when they get one as a public loaner. Another method for shopping cart conversions is where the axle and towbar are fabricated for bolting onto the cart. This saves welding on the carts which typically need to have the paint or chrome removed first-an unpleasant task which require masks and good ventilation following standard safety practices.
The other advantage of this is I can supply these brackets for bolt-on and you could supply your own wheels-I can tell you where to buy them.

However if you want to go the welding route we can supply the parts for you to weld on, you can still supply your own wheels.
If you can get a shopping cart donated, make sure that it is all metal and looks almost identical to the one in the pictures. Then you take a hacksaw and cut off all the parts you don't see,( it's quite remarkable how easily this can be done-Some only require two cuts!). You'll end up with a super-strong, durable, long lasting trailer equivelant to one costing upwards of $600! The other pic shows the coupling nut inserted into the end of the towbar-It's a close fit- and gets welded. Two ways of doing things- how could one be so absolutely wrong and yet be the one of choice by the authorities??? Continuing our campaign to get all recycling everywhere done by Human Power, we realize the need for more capacity, and while the larger shopping carts haven’t become available to our program- yet, we can still make better use of the regular sizes. We have proved in the past that trains work-haven’t tried more than three trailers-yet, but two is a good start and once again all the parts are available for free. There's a wealth of opportunities for recycling and reuse out there in our great wasteland of planned obsolescence. Besides the shopping cart conversions, many other structures can fuel our appetite for building carts and trailers to be used for recycling or fossil-fuel-free hauling. Once unbolted it was just a matter of rearranging the pieces, adding wheels, axles and a towbar with the Holistic Hitch. Result a floor, 7 feet by 2 feet, with flared sides giving it a truly capacious capacity-and room to sleep-with the obvious title of "The Flying Futon". One of the inputs into my subconscious was I am sure the film “VEER” and the video “Carts of Darkness” both showing downhill racing on bikes and shopping carts.
The resulting racer is shown and while it’s not 100% parts from shopping carts the next one will be.
I had to build the prototype first to get the steering worked out, and may add brakes later. I am hoping we can arrange some International races with the Cart Racers from Vancouver and the Zoobombers from Portland. The ultimate aim is to have High School metal shops, and others such as community bike shops build the shopping cart conversions and having the students lend their ingenuity by adding the Speed demon to their repertoire will make it more interesting. The latest DD is heading to Vancouver to be fitted with a custom designed seat and Rocket Ship body for Faris, a small boy who is already excited about the project. Not exactly the Warp speed we are aiming for but I am sure the body will make a big difference. Attached is a photo taken in June of Faris being fitted up with a child car seat installed in the Downhill Demon, the chopped shopping cart that Tony Hoar custom built for him. If you have a pic of a good use for a shopping cart please send it in with suitable text and we will feature it on our web page-it has to be a shopping cart somehow in the structure. Ptolemy Elrington's amazing art made from old supermarket trolleys pulled out from the river.
I just saw your bike trailer video on youtube, and decided to share a pic of one of the trailers I've been running for years now. Apart from the titanium pins in my ankle, I've had entirely positive experiences with this particular machine, although I now endeavour to make them with self-engaging trailer brakes. I wouldn't recommend this until I'd seen it take a corner, especially with a loaded basket. A serious consideration is the the reduction in braking power with there no longer being a front brake.
This article was published in 1988, so after 21 years are we any further ahead with Homelessness? It shows how to use the rear-triangle from scrap bicycles, which allows you to use back wheels on your trailer. However theoretically back wheels are less able to handle the side-loads generated by a two-wheeled trailer in the turns, although In practice this may not be noticeable.
While in space, he has quite an adventure, but then returns safely to earth and his mother’s outstretched arms. As they like rockets, your boys will probably like this text – let us know what you think.
You need enough water to completely cover the cans.A  Place the cans in the center of the pot, unopened.
It's so nice to feel like you have something to offer when someone close to you needs to feel your support. As you can imagine, things were a little crazy as the family tried to prepare for the funeral and keep everyone housed and fed.

Brittney makes journals, and ended up making this: it's a 52-week journal that will give this mother a chance to journal thoughts to her daughter. Last year I pulled Christmas decoration boxes out of the shed and into the garage after Halloween and it really helped. It's a fun place to visit for craft and recipe ideas (like the candy corn bags featured here). Just make sure to ask for them and don’t assume they are yours until the store agrees to give them to you.
So I decided to use some of my vast profits and get Andrew Ainsley, a famed advocate and Videographer, to do the job.
This shopping trolley bike trailer is built from all re-cycled parts and looks to be a good all round weight carrier." - from Solson. Northern Tool sells them for about $25 each) if you can't salvage any from derelect kiddie trailers.
It will look a bit different from the pix as I am working at getting it into a smaller package to keep prices and shipping costs down.
The intrepid test pilot is my neighbour Jared, who is always willing to push the envelope and accept physical challenges- like BMXing on the local skateboard park. The body frame was made with bike rims of various diameters, steel wire and some nuts and bolts.
Now he can go for long trips with Mom or Dad, who get great exercise pushing the rocket, and Faris can set the course and go to whichever planets he chooses.
If not, and this is the first time it was used, I hope the wires were thoroughly cleaned of chrome, paint, or whatever the coating was.
Be interesting to know how it's kept from tipping, maybe the guy wires or supports are not in place in the pic. But it doesn't hurt to go a little slower round the corners anyway with whatever wheels you are using. A I glued the two pieces of fabric together at the top and then trimmed off about an inch or so of the red so the orange was visible.
Keep the pan at a simmer, not a hard boil, for 90 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how solid you like your ddl. Several friends helped with meals, and one thoughtful friend stopped by with this: A stack of fluffy white bath towels and a apothecary jar full of beautiful soaps. You can read the details as these lovely women have shared them and the other very thoughtful ideas in the comments here. One of the best memories of growing up was smearing a gloppy cornstarch and dye mixture over paper to make the sky and landscape, and sprinkling it with glitter.
Last week these lovely ladies stopped by and mentioned they are looking for coworker gifts in the $10-$15 range. They may want assurance that you will take their name off them, although some are happy to be associated with a social entrerprise of this type. Click here for action shots and construction details of this the first DD and the standard design for racing and competition.
That part was an Andy Hunter and Greg Robinson operation with generous support from Ed Luciano and Mighty Riders, who provided space and materials. It took about 24 hours after the party had ended for the ecstatic phonecall to come from Faris and his Mommy. A Now, before the rocket takes off, the flames are stuffed inside the rocket and when it blasts off, my boys pull the fabric out and go! CAUTION: The can becomes pressurized when cooking, so for safety reasons, don't allow the water to boil vigorously.
My friend said she had so many house guests that they'd been pulling beach towels off the shelves. And as a bonus (as if you needed one), you have the multiplication tables printed right on the lid. The body is sheet plastic that was cut and installed by Greg, using another 60+ nuts bolts and washers, which was done at the Vancouver Civic Theatres’ housing and properties shop, with help from Dave Goodfellow. A This time, I wanted our ships to be really durable and survive all that a 3 year old and 5 year old could dish out. We got our tube at Kmart, but you can get them at office supply stores and post offices as well.

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