My next boat was a 1964 38 foot Chris Craft Sea Skiff Sea Hawk, this boat did not have a swim platform when I bought it. Over the years I totally rebuilt my two wooden Chris Crafts, developing a passion for boat repair and restoration. Well it seemed that every boat I bought, the first thing I did was build a larger swim platform. I love this boat with its huge back deck, and massive interior, but, we soon learned that climbing in over the transom was getting a little tiresome, so we decided that we would build a set of steps instead of the ladder that was standard on the boat. Most bolt-on swim platforms that come with a boat, or as a factory option, are molded fiberglass. Fiberglass makes a great swim platform, but it’s not the right material for every boat.
There are many purveyors of teak swim platforms you can install yourself (or have the yard do it at minimal cost) and some sell their products online. Some skippers love working on their boats, making them shine like museum pieces—which includes painstakingly coddling their teak.
When three major electronics companies roll out new radar technologies in the space of a month, there’s something going on.
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Use the form below to delete this Our SeaMount Engine Brackets Normally Come With A Twenty Nine Inch image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Getting Dog Out Of Water Onto Swim Platform Boat Talk Chaparral image from our index. Our plans were for a 10-by-10-foot dock to serve primarily as a swim platform throughout summer until the old boat dock could be demolished and rebuilt. Owner of the lake property and esteemed publisher of Extreme How-To, Chad Gillikin, ordered a flotation kit online that consisted of six dock floats. A dock must also withstand the rigors of Mother Nature, and she throws a lot at a wooden structure that floats on water. You could always get the existing one Line X`d or make your own out of plywood and have it Line X`d. There’s nothing finer than a swim raft to provide a manageable destination for the our build-it-yourself swim raft is one fun floater.
You can choose your faforite Primary and Secondary colors: white, teak offwhite or black, for example - Teak + Black Platform.
Over the years, Shipwreck Boat Works have grown to be an all inclusive customizing business. In fact: Unlike plastic, metal, or wood, fiberglass platforms has the least expansion and contraction with cold,heat or stress. Every swim platform is designed and fabricated to well-fit the transom curve of the vessel. Since1978 Beachcomber fiberglass technology evolved into providing quality products boaters, boatyard owners,boat captains and services for defense contractors and government, as well as many of their subcontractors around the globe.
Some of Company most popular fiberglass boat products include swim platforms, 100% Hand-Laminated Fiberglass cockpit cabinets, bow pulpits (duty Fiberglass), deck , dock, fish steps and boxes, optimum protection and storage composite electronics boxes and fiberglass sheets, in additional to Beachcomber fiberglass technology range of products , they offer custom fabrication as well. Beachcomber Company from Florida provide Fiberglass Swim Platforms, non skid surface finished in various d configurations and sizes.
Beachcomber Swim Platforms Options include Gel coat Color Matching, Rub Rails, Custom Mounting Hardwareand and safe Ladders.
With over 30 years of experience in building and designing boat products Arrigoni Design boating profesionals work closely with clients to design the right item for their needs.

The AG Company builds fiberglass platforms that are readily available for nearly any type or boat brand.
The screws and the sealer is not an option, when the ULTRAPlatforms installations are put into use. In addition to increasing your leisure space while lengthening it, Fiberglass LA Swim platform moulds perfectly the shape of your boat. Here's Les Composites list of "Platform pre-adjusted, all they mold perfectly suit to the shape of your boat.
Butler Marine Products, LLC specializes in fiberglass and quality teak fabrication and manufacturing. In additional to the swim platforms manufacturing they offers also Platform Support Brackets, Anchor Rollers and Accessories, Fiberglass Anchor Pulpits & Railings, and Boat Ladders include Cockpit and High Rise Deck Ladders, Sailboat Transom Ladder, Boarding, Escaladder and Drop Step Ladders.
Butler teak swim platforms can be custom made to your exactly boat specifications by any length, thickness or depth. Using the Burma Teak material they are High Quality High Pressure glued together Laminate Products primarily held together with SS - screws. Straight Boat Platforms are Teak Transom platforms offered for offered for boats with flat transom surfaces.
Unlike most of the fiberglass units on the boating market today Butler's Fiberglass Transom Boat Platforms are Not produces from balsa , plywood core or foam that eliminating rot problems brought on by water seepage. One of the first projects was to clean up the varnish on the transom and to build a mahogany boarding ladder. I went so far as to work part time in a local shipwright shop, it was during these years that I first started to use fiberglass and epoxies. I always felt that my family was safer getting on and off the boat while swimming when they were far away from the props, plus being able to sit comfortably on a deck chair, BBQ, haul up my scuba gear, and fish off the extended platforms made our boating outings better. Fiberglass platforms are as durable as most other fiberglass structures, so unless you really whack yours hard in an unfortunate docking adventure you probably will never have to replace it.
If you own a classically styled trawler yacht, for instance, you’re probably thinking teak, the go-to wood for many marine applications. Leave the wood bare and all you have to do is deck-brush during every washdown, but it won’t have that teaky golden glow.
Founded in 1995 when company president William Gribble used plastic lumber from lawn furniture to build a swim platform for his boat, PlasTEAK manufactures not only platforms, but also exterior and interior decking, bow pulpits, handrails, hatch covers, and other marine accessories. The slats are bent to match the transom curve on a table jig and the shape is locked in with glue and fastenings.
Last winter’s heavy rains had caused the water at Logan Martin Lake in Alabama to rise to abnormal levels.
A dock is much like a deck, but it floats, and the state’s lake authority regulates the design and material used to build any structure on the water. These 12-inch thick 2-by-4-foot floats are each foam-filled with expanded polystyrene but have a seamlessly molded outer shell made of extra strong polyethylene, containing ultraviolet inhibitors. Normal deck framing techniques aren’t intended to contend with the stresses that come from changing pool levels or choppy water.
Over the years I have designed and built a number of rafts Finally with the raft plans done it was time to start building a raft.
Learn how It has plans for a number of rafts, boats, a houseboat, and a lot more really easy to s building and before the Where can I find free plans for building a floating swim platform? Using the latest technologies and experienced professionals with practical experience they provide comprehensive marine services, they make also custom designed Fiberglass swim platform for all boat brans & mdels. The fiberglass solution more readily available to boating industry by offering fabrication and design in various configurations,style and sizes to give your boat the amazing look of a new factory fit.
Both Arrigoni Design swim platforms, Teakwood and fiberglass versions comes equipped with all need to add it your vesel to fit perfect - all of the stainless steel hardware and mounting components.
With many years of experience and expert craftsmanship of producing high quality boat parts and accessories they offer custom creations to exact your boat specifications. All dark golden color platforms from Butler Marine feature a double teak strake along transom and aft edge that provide maximum strength.
Then about 5 years ago I bought my first fiberglass boat, a 1971 32 foot Alglas Pacemaker aft cabin. I realized that stairs would cut the swim platform in two making it almost useless, so here I was again looking to extend a swim platform.
But you can order an add-on molded fiberglass platform from a number of aftermarket manufacturers. The platforms are assembled with waterproof glue and screws, with all screw heads countersunk and plugged. S&P fastens the teak slats together with waterproof glue and threaded stainless-steel through-rods, then protects the platform edges with a peripheral teak molding and optional stainless rubrails.
Their synthetic teak comes in white, black, and off-white as well as teak, and the company will mix colors if you want a zebra-striped platform. Nevertheless, says a company spokesman, it’s easy for an owner or boatyard to repair a damaged platform by bending in new slats. In years past, large Styrofoam pontoons could be used as flotation, but the regulations for Alabama waterway structures now requires the flotation devices to be completely encapsulated to prevent artificial debris from littering up the natural beauty of the state’s lakes.

This hard shell helps prevent damage from the sun,water, oil, gas and marine organisms, and satisfies the state’s requirements for flotation materials. Decks are supposed to remain still, but docks must be built strong enough to shoulder all the extra stress.
Ecolife is top-of-the-line treated lumber that is protected with a non-metallic preservative plus a wood stabilizer, offering the natural beauty of real wood combined with dimensional stability and weathering protection. Lumber was purchased while I found Understanding how to swim rapids is important should the boat Swimming Rafts, Floating Swim Rafts, Floating Swim Platforms. They specialize in manufacture, the design, repair and modificationof a large variety of fiberglass boat parts and components.
The Ultra is Modern, Non-Skid, Non-Skid and Accessible, and its weight is 3-4 times less than competition products, in addition Ultra platforms comes equipped with a three steps ladder which facilitates your easy & safe access to the water and to your boat.
Note: Butler's Platforms comes completed treated with teak oil only by order, if you choose to keep the wood natural. They offer custom , stainless steel trim and inserts, color matching, non skid finish and customized sizing by request. The big difference with this boat was that it has a molded integrated swim platform, not just a piece added onto the end of the transom. If your boat’s currently platform-free, or the one you already have is getting tired, now, well before the summer season gets rolling, is a good time to install a new one. Cost of the 90-inch platform is $970, not including mounting brackets (about $100 each, and you’ll want one about every 2 feet). Again, this is perfectly functional, but not as elegant as a platform with the curved slats.
Moreover, it provides excellent footing when dry and the traction gets better when the surface is wet. Because both the color and UV filters are added during molding, PlasTEAK never fades, and never needs attention other than a little soap and water. The platforms cost $.40 per square inch, not including under-platform mounting brackets (again, spaced one every two feet) and other accessories. A monster storm shifted the dock over the top of one of the posts,where it snagged beneath the corner of the docks’ rim joist. Whereas as a dock’s building components are much like a decka€”floor joists, rim joists and deck boardsa€”the a€?connective tissuea€? that binds them is heavy-duty stuff. Instant Marine aluminum floating swim platform, floating swimming raft in aluminum, pine, cedar decking.
I wanted the boat to look as close to factory as possible so I started doing some research and came across several companies in the USA that made custom swim platforms and got them to price out building one for me. If you’re looking for a functional swim platform at an attractive price, and can engineer the installation, this is an affordable option. Shuler is a third-generation craftsman and mechanical engineer whose team builds its platforms, along with a wide variety of other products, in the S&P shop in St. It resists gasoline, oil, solvents, seagull droppings, almost anything—hey, it’s plastic! Then, when the water receded, the corner of the dock was stuck on the end of the pile so the structure couldn’t float down evenly with the water. However, even with the preservative treatment, applying a waterproof sealant to the wood will provide the best protection. Their prices were OK but the cost and hassle to ship them to me just turned me off buying from them. You can add options like swim ladders, boarding handles, lights, drink holders, and so forth, and even specify solid or two-tone gelcoat colors to match your boat’s topsides.
Three corners went down with the water, but one corner didn’t, and the heavy weight of the lumber caused the entire dock to deform into a potato-chip shape that destroyed its construction. I found a couple of local companies in Ontario that would build me one, a one off, but their prices were much higher than what I would pay if I bought out of the States including the shipping.
Scott Samuelson spent 15 years at Sea Ray Boats in Phoenix, Arizona, before starting Swim Platforms after building a platform for his own boat. If your platform will have to fit around trim-tab cylinders or other transom obstacles, a custom shop like S&P can make the necessary adjustments so it fits like a glove.
Now the company, still based in Phoenix, claims to be the world’s largest builder of aftermarket fiberglass swim platforms.
Here’s how our staff teamed up for weekend project that gave us a new place to kick back, relax and drop a fishing line in the water. I researched and spoke with several composite shops and developed a plan to build a mould and make a platform that would fit over the existing platform on the Amerosport.
This project lead me to build one for a friend and then the requests started to come in from several others at my marina.
I hope if you are considering a new swim platform you will take the time to discuss your needs with me and see if I can build a new platform for you.

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