After reading a few books about boats the kids started talking a lot about different kinds of boats. I really enjoyed listening to the conversations and thought behind each material chosen and the conclusions they were making as they observed whether each boat would sink or float. By linking up, you are giving me permission to share your post including one photo in our weekly feature post and on social media channels. It includes 40 educational projects and 20 printables including a set of build-your-own 3D shape blocks, engineering challenge cards and a range of math games. We set up an invitation to explore and the kids experimented with different materials to see which would make the best boat. Once I showed the kids the invitation, Lovey immediately said we needed to have passengers for our boat–agreed! I envisioned them trying to fold the paper to make a boat, but they preferred to leave it flat.

It will be fun to revisit this invitation in a while and see if there approach changes after they have more experience with boats and water activities.
Then both co-hosts will feature activities in a separate post and share featured posts on the Discover and Explore Pinterest Board. Playful Science and Math Activities is designed to bring hands-on fun to math and science play. Over the past year we’ve been transitioning to more and more of these open investigations, and we are all enjoying them.
I hope you find plenty of great ideas for fun learning activities and things to do with kids.
I thought it would be the perfect topic to explore a little more, so we gathered a few small containers, bowls made of paper and plastic, shells, foil, wax paper, and a piece of an egg carton.
And we want as many people to add their posts as possible, so we have a wonderful collection to share with you.

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