Dads Old 1977 Mako 26 Twin Inboard, had 360 Chryslers and he repowered with Volvo diesels, got 5gph at a fast cruise. 1981 MAKO 201 WITH A 2000 EVINRUDE 150 FICH, POWER TRIM & TILT, LMS 350A GPS, CUSTOM LEANING POST, CUSTOM 4-BLADE S.S.
Any other Mako owners considering the events coming up in Ft Myers and Islamorada this fall?
Outriggers and down riggers ready for battle agaist Bonito and False Albacore at Barnegat Ridge NJ.

I loved last years report thread, but having them all piled on the same thread made it harder for me to follow. I bought on ebay a 17' Flare boat in 2006 a left it on my garage until 2009, when i tear up everything from the boat and put new stringers, transom, floor and foam. Check the boat inside the front compartment (anchor), mine had lack of fiberglass, so the water was soaking the foam.
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I have had this boat 40 miles offshore and caught bluefin tuna in it out of Virginia Beach, Wahoo and Dolphin out of Cape Hatteras, and caught a Mako Shark out of Oregon Inlet.
It also has two other compartments that are plumbed as livewell but I use them for dry storage.

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