I would like more information about your 2001 Malibu 2150 Sport Cuddy for sale on BoatBuys. Lifestyle Integrated has proudly been supporting the recreational marine and power sports industry for more than 25 years on television, print and web.
I just sold my 13 SA 350 which was a great boat and my first experience with Supra after always having Malibu's.
I think power rating are close the two big differences I noticed what how quite the motor was and also how smooth it was while at idle. Heard Supra is offering special pricing to G owners who are sick of their driveshafts snapping.
I did a custom order , It's been something I have always wanted to do and Greg Waters at Active Waters Sports has been great to work with and it's been a really fun process .I have also been following Matts photos on Instagram some really fun stuff he posts. Recognized as the best crossover boat on the market, the Wakesetter 20 VTX is ideal for the family that loves waterskiing as much as wakeboarding and surfing. Malibu was born in California in 1982 and for 2015, offers four models of Wakesetter traditional V-bow wake boats from twenty to twenty-four feet plus three models of Wakesetter pickle-fork bow design wake boats in the same size range plus two twenty foot Response series inboard ski boats. At twenty-one feet, ten inches length overall on a full eight foot, six inch beam, Malibu’s 22 VLX is a brand new model for 2015, replacing its slightly shorter and narrower 21 VLX model. Standard on the 22 VLX is Malibu’s new Bluetooth compatible dual-touchscreen Command Center which provides a front-and-centre MaliView 12-inch touchscreen showing analog-looking engine function displays including speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature and oil pressure plus a fuel gauge and voltmeter plus it gives access to customizable rider presets, media controls, etc. This large touchscreen adds and joins to the smaller seven-inch MTC (Malibu Touch Command) screen to the right of the new for 2015 steering wheel.

You can go all out and choose the optional new Sport Dash which includes Malibu’s new analog systems control dial plus expandable smartphone cradle and a dry-storage box with USB charger all located to the left of the steering wheel. Other notable optional equipment includes three Monsoon V-drive engine choices in 350, 450, or 555 horsepower along with several engine-based options including a hot water shower and heater outlets, several stereo options including Sirius satellite radio and a transom remote, a PTM Panoramic windshield mirror, non-skid Deck Trac, WakeView seating, docking lights, underwater lighting, undermount swimstep, battery charger, automatic fire extinguisher, various bimini and covering options, plus a Boatmate tandem axle trailer. The boat was great and never had a problem with it and racked up a ton of hours with me and the guys riding with added weight regularly.
I didn't go crazy with upgrades but with the ones i did do it was still better priced than the 24MXZ , G23 and the X46 which I guess I would consider to be what this boat is going up against. Man I couldn't imaging having more power than the LS3 in my a22, especially for that size boat. Like I said above I think people will be really impressed with this boat and I'm really excited to get it and get the wake dialed in.
With this new model, the weight of the boat increases by 250 pounds, the draft increases by three inches to twenty-seven, and the carrying capacity increases from thirteen to fourteen persons over the 21 VLX. This MTC touchscreen provides systems control of features such as ballast, optional Power Wedge II and Surf Gate, navigation, blower, pumps, lights, etc. A double-wide transom sunpad leads to a full-width, rear-facing upholstered transom seat with a centre step pad for easier access to the water-level mounted swim platform. This tower may be upgraded with a huge selection of options including different colours, racks, lights, Wet Sounds G-Force speakers, a PTM Panoramic 140-degree billet mirror, and a HD Flo-Cam camera. But with that said I had a couple of things on my next boat that where a must have , one was a surf system second was more freeboard the wife really struggled to keep the nose of the SA out of the water on busy days.

My friends LS3 in is Malibu seems to be a bit more noisy while at idle and taking off and even my 350 in my SA was a lot louder. For anyone who hasn't seen it here is Harley Clifford's winning run behind the SE this weekend wake looks really good and big ! Bow seating is fully padded throughout with full surrounding back and side bolsters and storage beneath the seat cushions. The aforementioned optional hydraulically operated Power Wedge II equates to an additional 300 pounds of simulated ballast and a new upward angle was created to increase lift to allow the driver to get a fully loaded boat on plane faster. Equipped with this and the optional Surf Gate, the driver can shift the lip of the wake from side to side producing a customized wave on either side. I had a good friend with me who worked for Mastercraft for years and is still currently working for another boat brand and as we got done with the demo he said hands down that was the best boat he has ever been in. Supra has my business once again and as long as they continue to make boats like the SA , SC and now the SE they will get my hard earned money. But I will say this the photos posted of the surf wake are spot on I wouldn't be posting anything you haven't seen it's BIG !!!

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