DRSA offers a selection of flexible light strip, tape lights and LED Neon Flex rope lighting for interior and exterior lighting solutions. Canada Signal can provide all types of LED Lights of production lights and custom LED lighting applications. Our Ribbon Star LED Strip Lights are a perfect lighting solution for any Marine Lighting Application due to their low power consumption and high light output they will give you plenty of light without draining your power source. A variety of RGB Color Changing Modules, capable of creating over 16 million different color hues.
Many houseboats, yachts, and sailboats can largely benefit by switching all of their existing light bulbs and light fixtures to LED Lighting due to the energy savings alone.
We carry a large variety of LED Bulbs, including Down Lights, PAR LED Bulbs, MR16, GU10, GU5.3, E27, G4, RGB, and fluorescent replacements.

LED Lighting controls are essential for your Marine LED Applications if you would like to have the ability to dim your single color LED lights or be able to have color changing control over your RGB LED lights and light fixtures. We carry a large variety of RGB LED Controllers for controlling your 12-24VDC RGB color changing LED Lights. We have a variety of DMX Controllers for creating customizable and fully unique light scenes that are programmed using a computer. Whether using a 12VDC application or a 24VDC application we have LED Strip lights in an array of brightness’s and colors to suite all of your needs.
These modules are sold in strings of 10, 30, or 50 modules, depending on the product, and can be cut anywhere between the lead wires and re-connected to make new or retrofit existing lighting in your marine vehicle. Use a PWM Dimmer for your single color lights, and an RGB Controller or DMX Control for your RGB Lights.

Flexible and stiff tape lights, strip lights or rope lighting fixtures are available in several fashionable colors for exterior and interior installations.
LED Neon Flex rope lighting is available in 7 colors and is easy to cut and can be bent into an angle or bend by hand.

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