Plywood is used to construct many different items for structural & non structural purposes. Non Structural Plywood is commonly used as a cost effective alternative when the plywood sheet will be painted, like when building a dog kennel. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yiqiao Woodenware Building Material Factory is one of the best China marine plywood manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Marine plywood is a premium quality plywood made of selected wood species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finish characteristics. We ASIA WOOD PRIVATE LIMITED is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Plywood, Flush Doors and Block Boards. We lead under the guidance of our expert management, which has lead into continuous progress of our company. From Cedar weatherboards and hardwood wooden floors to eaves and cornices, we also offer the works when it comes to the style of timber product you're after.
Plywood is frequently used in DIY home renovations in addition to trade, commercial & industrial applications.

Exterior Grade BB Exterior Hoop Pine is a commonly used structural plywood that is available in 4mm - 32mm sheets. Pallet Grade Plywood is another "not for structural applications" plywood sheet with EE veneer faces. The home handy person who wants to do it themselves can build dog kennels, kids cubby houses, letter boxes, desks or work benches. If you are looking for cheap marine plywood, or want to buy products with low price, please feel free to contact us, and you are always welcome to wholesale products from us. Apart from these we even engage in manufacturing of Wood Flush Doors, Flush Interior Doors, Shuttering, Marine, Flexiply & Decorative Plywood, which are widely applicable in Partitions, Ceilings, Flooring and Modular Kitchen. It helps that we have our own processing plant, which means we can import our products from renewable sustainable suppliers and produce unique one-off runs, custom-made to your very own specs and preferences. The company was established by the R&D technicians in the in-house lab of the company, after continuous research and development. We are ISI and ISI certified, which makes it our responsibility to cater to the needs of the client as per requirements and provide with excellent quality material.

What's more, we don't only supply wood and wood products, we also have the accessories to match, such as nails and soakers.
Also re-organise your garage and garden shed, verandah – any room in the house even the front or backyard.
We are endeavoring not only to serve our national clients but also make a mark internationally.
Require architectural designed interior panelling ?We can supply wooden products for all your projects - Call one of our Sales team for technical assistance.
And we go the extra mile by offering services such as pre-staining your timber, giving you expert advice on all things 'wood' and being totally flexible in everything we can do for you.

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