Having designed spaces for some of the world’s most recognized brands, Bergmeyer understands the critical role a retail store plays in positioning a product or service in a crowded marketplace and elevating it in the public consciousness.
Three zones of activity organize the store experience: a uniform shop, marine gear area, and a lounge with bookstore.
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Our Dutch Harbor store offers commercial fishing gear, inclement weather gear, footwear and more.
Our Cordova store offers commercial fishing gear, inclement weather gear, footwear and more.

The Marine Corps Association, a non-profit community organization of former Marines, wanted their Marine Shop to be a retail destination that celebrated the Corps. The uniform shop celebrates each uniform by presenting it on a form with accessories concealed in casework that lines the space.
Bergmeyer and the Marine Shop staff developed a new concept and visual merchandising strategy that reflects their values and honors their traditions. The Bergmeyer team was there through the entire process to ensure that the design came to life.
Large images of Marine ribbons line the walls, a reminder of former soldiers’ valued service.

Practical necessities such as camouflage, face paints, and journals, are located opposite the entrance to draw shoppers through the space.
Again, please accept the heartfelt thanks of both the MCA staff and Board of Governors for creating such a magnificent store.

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