Pop-pop steamboat : diy projects ideas makers, But pop-pop boat’ underlying principle compellingly simple home tinker endless room futzing boat ,. Mark the ducks underneath with a numbers 1-4 or however many prize buckets you want to have.
You can make your own bean bags if you have a sewing machine with scrap material and fill with rice. Drop the disc from the top and the number slot it lands in, is the bucket the child selects the prize from. You can purchase a plinko board but they are expensive so making one is probably the best choice.
Tip the board back a little so the the chip slides down the board rather than bouncing out of it.

This is the classic ball and cup game where you shuffle the cups with a ball under one and the child guesses which cup is hiding the ball.
Find plastic cups at the Dollar Tree and other $1 sections in Target or WalMart to match your theme. Make a bean bag toss board and decorate with your party colors or you can find some premade.
1 Die (large is easiest) You can find some at education stores where they sell game pieces.
For a larger mat, use a parachute with colors as different quadrants to land your pieces on.
You could make your own and use the colors of your party theme or you might be able find one to match your theme.

Set up a table with cups, saucers and small containers and toss pennies to win small prizes.
Break up 22 is Step 19 troubleshooting if your engine doesn’t skip over THIS SECTION IF YOUR locomotive.

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