The Payette Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society invites the public to attend the 12th annual boat show at the Shore Lodge in McCall on July 29 – 31, 2016. McCall Boat Works, established in 2002 by Donald R Hardy, is located on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho 100 miles north of Boise. McCall Boat Works offers full service to many lakes and all North West states: From San Diego to Seattle, all the way from Jackson Lake to Seabrook Texas. There are several facilities with McCall Boat Works; Our office and Parts warehouse located at 1300 Roosevelt, east of Mile High Marina. Whether you are looking for a Boat Show Standards or your weekend float gateway, we can provide all that you need.
McCall snow is plentiful for this time of year and more storms are forecast later this week.  Brundage Mountain opened last week and the cross country trails are in prime condition with skate and classic trails perfectly groomed at Ponderosa Park and Little Bear.   With the opening of Tamarack Resort on December 20 McCall is going to be hopping over the Christmas holidays with lots of resort visitors and skiiers!    All of our cross country venues have designated trails for your dogs so have at it! We are both gearing up for blue skies, fresh powder and perfectly groomed, silky trails at Little Bear Basin and Ponderosa Park!    The extended forecast for McCall, Idaho calls for what we hope will be record breaking snowfall as indicated by recent La Nina weather patterns.    We have already had a dusting of snow mid October at elevation 5000 and Brundage Mountain ski runs have a few inches.   Let it snow! A Payette Lakes Original – 1947 Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser, With Miss Idaho! And we even found a few shots of the boat in our Woody Boater photo archive from the 2009 Payette Lakes ACBS Chapter show in McCall Idaho, which has held at the beautiful and historic Shore Lodge. It’s just so cool to see an old wooden Chris-Craft survivor back on the same lake today where it originally began life over 64 years ago. Those of you out-of-State, have you ever noticed Michigan’s lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten…? HA – I think Alex is meeting with his Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) support group today. My Personal favorite went to the Scrapyard in India a few months ago, The last surviving Close-Sister to the ill-fated Andrea Doria.

No pix, but my Dad can't resist the opportunity to tell stories about his trip to Belgium on the Queen Elizabeth during WW II. A bit off topic, but I am reminded by the photo that the history of ship breaking in the Bay of Bengal and coastal areas of India is long, and ugly. A friend's rich aunt invited me to join him and his sister on a Caribbean trip from Florida to Curacao and back when I was about fourteen.
For a novel, I did a lot of research on pre-WWII cargo liners that sailed from Australia and New Zealand to the US and Great Britain. If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. I was aboard for the final California to Hawaii run of the (then) SS Leilani in 1959 for 3 years in Honolulu at the age of 11. Apparantly the SS United States still holds the fastest Atlantic Crossing, both directions! It always amazed me that she could go faster in reverse, than the Titanic could go forward! I've only seen the SS United States from a distance, I've always wanted to get a closer look, but have never done it. My cousin traveled to Switzerland in 1946 aboard the Cunard's Mauretania II, and returned in 1947 aboard the Queen Mary, she was 5 years old when she returned to the US, she doesn't remember much, but what she does remember, she recited to me in amazing detail.
We have more than 12 years of experience, a high quality crew and are committed to provide excellent service and performance to our customers! Unfortunately we just didn’t have time to round them up in time for the party, but we did learn a few interesting things about the cruiser in the above photo. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.

It was aboard a Cunarder, the SS Carmania, and it was really fun with an onboard swimming pool and great food at all hours.
I've never sailed on an Ocean Liner, but I stayed on-board the old Queen Mary in Long Beach a few years back.
I was but a young teen, but clearly remember having my first shipboard romance on the trip. Braynard's great old book Classic American Ships had great sketches and brief bios of various ships. I think most big ships have such a large impression on people that its not likely to forget.
Boats will be available for viewing between 10 am and 5 pm on Saturday and from 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday. In a post-war economy, I’m sure the Chris-Craft Marketing Department was focusing on trying to attract service men with their catchy slogans placed throughout the brochures. The public is encouraged to talk to boat owners about accompanying them on the boat parade.??The Shore Lodge is one of the best venues for a boat show in the county. A fire hose shooting down beats water balloons launched up every time, I don't care how many strands of surgical tubing you have on the funnelator.
Visitors can view classic boats while enjoying the beauty of Payette Lake and partaking in the many amenities the Lodge has to offer.

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