In a world where lawers get rich from simple, everyday manufacturing issues, from oil platforms to trucks, weld liabilty cost consequences can be extraordinary and should be a concern for every manager involved with welded products. It's a sad refection on the weld industry, that Weld Risk Assesment is almost none existant, when in reality it should be the norm at most companies. It's hopeful that this site will promote the front office changes that can benefit this industry.
Welders using one setting for all welds is a parameter practice thats common in many weld shops in which the weld personnel don't have weld process expertise and therefore they will often use one weld setting for all their welds. The Smith plant's purchasing personnel make both the weld equipment and consumable decisionsm typically based on the lowest price attained. This is a common practice in many auto - truck plants and their are usually severed weld cost ramiifications. Three part mixes reveal the influence of gas salesmanship and most plants should not need more than two gas mixes. All this and much more is available to you absolutely free when you register; for an account, so join our community today today!
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Stitch welding (staggered welds) allowed us to come up with a pattern to help lesson the movement of the ribs, bulk heads, stringers. We built a framework out of I beams, added rollers, 2 hand crank winches 1 on each side to help lift the ribs and hold them in place.The bulk heads were pretty heavy, having this helped take the load off of us and keep them in place.
Seattle joins cities hosting stops on Clipper Round the World Yacht Race Apr 21, 16 04:24 PMInternational yacht race means business. Boat made famous by John Steinbeck gets major facelift in Port Townsend Apr 21, 16 04:23 PMPORT TOWNSEND, It is a piece of literary history that has been called both worthless and priceless. There are two main methods of learning how to weld aluminum, first you have aluminum mig welding and second is aluminum tig welding. Tig welding aluminum is regarded more as a finishing weld where minimum clean up is desired and a showroom finish is the result. Basically tig welding aluminum requires more skill than mig welding as it’s a two handed operation.
Errors in how to weld aluminum can be reduced by proper tuition in the way of setting up equipment for specific joints to be welded. Recent Commentsjoel on How To Tig Welddennis_phillips7 on Help – how to weld metal bars into shelves?Anonymous on how to start a weld with a arc welder or a wire feed welder.? I don't know that power supply well, but MIG for any part of the hull is fine IF the welder can weld. MIG below the waterline is fine in aluminum boats, TIG is OK for corners and tie-ins and for locations that might have multiple thicknesses coming together in the weld zone, but overall its not very efficient because its generally slow. The high heat results from the speed of travel of the welding process, inches per minute compared to feet per minute with a MIG torch. TIG's heat control is at the puddle level, right there at the tip of the tungsten you can add more or less heat not true with MIG where you have to move much more rapidly and control is harder adjust in any single puddle. You might say that MIG is like driving a car using only the steering wheel -no gas pedal or gear shift.
Spool guns are fine but there are some very tight corners they simply won't fit into and still allow you to see the arc and weld. If a man has an experience that seems to run counter to anothers' experiences, that first guy most often won't be able to rely too heavily on the second's experience. You may have had some leaks and that leads you to believe all welded aluminum boats are leakers, but having built a few myself, welding every inch, I don't have the same experience.
I agree that some places NDE is useful but all the welded aluminum hulls I've built were MIG inside and MIG outside and didn't have any testing besides launching.

There were also many boats that were open bottom and no way, except die, to test the welds and they didn't leak- so I can't see spending time with dye. I may not be smart for doing it this way- but since I haven't had any leaks in the few hundred welded boats I've built, from 10' to 42' I don't see the need to spend time die testing. I may be a fool by your experience, but it seems more foolish to me spending time tie testing when I know the quality of the welds; they are tight.
Now as to grinding off MIG weld- that is not accepted practice in welded aluminum single pass welds, and it can expose a root porosity that is native to Aluminum MIG making the weld subject to crater cracking or flexure failure by notches. If the bead will be sanded off, then a butt seam backer should be used and the weld put down in lifts or passes. I like TIG and use it often, wouldn't be without it, in fact; I prefer to TIG weld over all other welding processes. Here is the TIG gun I use on the Miller Dynasty 300DX, rigged for steel, and the welds I do in aluminum with this torch. MIG for long hull seems is fine, and widely used by all the major builders without any NDE testing without any problems or leaks. TIG is great and I pressure test all tanks and air voids in all boats and use TIG to float closed the pressure leaks, but 99% of all [my] leaks are in the keyhole welds of the decks or tank tops. Location: Holbrook NY Thank you for setting the record on welded aluminum boats. Location: Holbrook NY They boat looks like the boat that Kevin built for his wife. The TIG gun is easy to use once you have converted, mainly because its two handed welding compared to both hands separated -torch and dip rod. I find it much easier to use than hand torch and dip rod because I'm more steady and don't weld regularly -unfortunately. In structural pipe welding - like towers and railings it will have many more times an interference issue than open hull and tank work, so it may not be as helpful for everyone's work as it is for mine. As to controlling the torch, I get into the weld zone with the tungsten close enough to light and pull the trigger, holding it on.
After I have a little wet spot I add some wire by rolling the other wheel a bit and the wire feeds to the puddle and I'll generally add some heat and wire once or twice more in small taps of the two controls to get to the puddle size and shape I want.
This takes 5 to 10 seconds then I weld with both hands stabilizing the torch steadying the entire cup and electrode with the back of my left hand as I would with a MIG torch.
Just like hand torch work with a pedal but I can walk and bend and reach overhead without moving the pedal or bothering with a slider on my torch hand. I don't know any right handed welder who ever went back to a hand torch from this gun once they'd spent a few hours getting the feel.
Like any specialized tool it takes time to make the tool 'yours' but it does bring very high levels of productivity to TIG by comparison to a hand torch.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. In today's challenging economic times, Ram-Lin's experienced staff will be your strongest business partner. If you need MIG welding of steel, or TIG welding of aluminum , steel, or other metal types we can help you. If you need I can do very quick turnaround,most of the time for much less than buying new or rebuilt. While some global weld standards (sub sea - nuclear) are becoming more rigid, and many alloy applications are becoming more complex, few weld or plant managers have an understanding of the most widely used weld processes, MIG and flux cored and even fewer have any comprehension of the weld process controls - best weld practices, that are required for consistent weld optimization. Also the majority of the MIG welders in the yard did not know what short circuit and spray transfer was. With the 0.045 flux cored wire, the wire feed and voltages used for the MIG short circuit welds was used.

These are the facilities that too frequently do not control the dimensions with the weld joints delivered to the weld shop. Make sure you keep the brushes away from oils, liquids that will contaminate the area your trying to clean. Key: Look for a solvent that leaves behind no residue, and do not use chlorinated solvents in the welding area because these substances may form toxic gases in the presence of a welding arc. It had it out for me since day one of using this hyper active man tool.The cup as I was cleaning a rib off for welding bounced off of the rib.
Where would we be without our equipment working correctly  this project would have been impossible.
Tig welding should not be considered a weaker weld than with a mig as the fusion obtained is in effect superior to mig welding aluminum.
Tig welds are suited to lighter gauge metal and is used in the manufacture of items such as bicycle frames and food preparation equipment. Factors such as a lower melting point than normal metals, an oxide coating present on milled aluminum and its high thermal conductivity all lead to welding problems unless you have the knowledge to set up equipment and prepare for welding aluminum.
This includes choice of aluminum shielding gas, selecting the correct current options for the welder and the right wire feeds for mig.  Also preparation of the work to be welded and using the correct technique for the job. I'd say if there were any metal boat that had weld leaks the person doing those welds wasn't qualified to do that work?
So, net heat, all-up energy imparted to the metal is less with MIG because the weld deposition rate [travel speed] is higher when compared to most unmechanized TIG. Some other physical arrangements make the pistol type [Spool] gun more useful than push pull- it depends; I prefer the slimmer push pull type for all welding. This means there would be root pass where the two butted [gapped] parent metal hull panels were fused to the fully consumed and permanent backer in one uphill 'hot pass'. But it still takes a lot longer, and I'm using a cold wire feed gun that is much faster than anyone can hand feed dip rod when I say that, and have welded for more than 6k hours of aluminum.
I do agree with you that nobody sands off the weld bead crown of single pass Aluminum welds unless they're inexperienced or uniformed. It melts in the tip so you have to take the tip out and cut the wire.Sometimes you can cut the end off and use it again.
Marks from black markers, greasy finger prints, oil of any kind will contaminate your weld. Mig welding aluminum is more industrial than tig welding in a way that it is quick and easy for many structural applications such as aluminum boat building. Mig welding aluminum requires less finesse however and is more suited to large scale manufacturing and maintenance.
Wire is controlled by the drive-roll-tension and spool tension, it should provide an even wire feed rate. Heavier plates were beveled for proper welding penetration.Stainless Steel brushes, we went through so many of these.
Preheating temperature should not exceed 230 F-use a temperature indicator to prevent overheating. Also placing tack welds at the beginning and end of the area to be welded will help in the preheating effort. Welders should also preheat a thick piece of aluminum when welding it to a thin piece.Aluminum welding was not hard to adjust too.

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