A native of the north woods of New Brunswick, the Mi'kmaq Freighter Canoe Plans offers a 20 ft.
As we drifted down the river with our guide, who claimed heritage to the Mi'kmaq tribe, I had some time to talk with him about these magnificent canoes and he was a wealth of information. When built to specification, this hull should be approximately 200 lbs and move along smartly with a 10 hp engine as long as it is not fighting too strong a current.

Some time ago I had the opportunity to paddle the Restigouche River, a beautiful river that flows across the northwestern part of the province of New Brunswick and the southeastern part of Quebec. As I and my party toiled with the paddles on these magnificent waterways, I noticed a number of the natives going in the opposite direction, (up river) in a square sterned canoe then unknown to me. 16' long and 47" at the widest point she will weigh in the are of 70 lbs depending on materials and addons.

If you think you need a larger freighter canoe, you can take a look at our 20' freighter Mi'kmaq.

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