With the recent snow and cold weather, I decided to start my Puddle Duck adventure by building a scale model of the boat I intend to build this Spring.
The build itself was pretty straight-forward; slow and steady cuts with an x-acto knife, some white glue for all the joints, with the exception of attaching the bottom. The BTR-80 (Bronetransporter-80) is a fully amphibious vehicle and shares similar characteristics with both the BTR-60 and BTR-70 series APCs including a filtration and overpressurization system for NBC protection.
A new hatch arrangement between the second and third wheels, the upper half opens to the front and the lower half opens downward to form a ramp.
Six forward-firing electrically-operated smoke dischargers mounted on the rear of the turret. Three redesigned and repositioned round-shaped firing ports on each side of the hull that are angled obliquely to enable the troops to fire forward. Two upper hatches on the troop compartment each having one firing port for engaging high targets.
Two water jets fitted at the rear of the hull instead of the single water jet of the earlier model BTRs. Options include the Kliver turret with a 30mm gun, 7.62-mm coax MG, thermal sights, superior day sights, and four Kornet ATGM launchers. Command variant with added R-173, R-173P, and R-159 (portable) radios, R-174 intercom, navigation aids, and a 36 foot (11 m) mast. This APC has the same turret as the BTR-80A with a 14.5-mm heavy machine gun instead of the 30mm gun. These vehicles were donated by the Jordanian government to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in 2004. Standardized expanded chassis for current variants, including Kushetka-B ACRV and BMM vehicle series. To the best of my knowledge all military data and images presented in these pages are UNCLASSIFIED, NON-SENSITIVE, and approved for public release. Those are cool looking boats, right along the lines of what I've been looking for when the river is really low, fit in a truck bed, able to put in at canoe launches, and paddle or maybe use a motor, but light enough to drag through rapids and over sand bars.
Your not gonna get the stability out of one of these boats that you will a monarsh or any other kind of cockpit style layout boat.. Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. Plans $40 from Duckworks or Duckflat and is complete with all details from making the hull to making the sail from a polytarp.
Perttu in Finland built one of my OZ PDRacers (now OZRacer) last year as well as building a Quick Canoe that he built in the snow during the last winter and used for camping and daytrips. It makes a lot of sense for colder climates where it can be hard to find a warm and windless place to sleep.
I couldn’t decide if it was the most crazy thing or most wonderful thing I had ever seen – but was sure it was great! So we got together via the net and worked it all out to produce a really good set of plans. About 80 pages.  It includes all the methods to build the hull, centreboard and rudder, make the polytarp sail (though you can use regular sailcloth if you like) and make the spars. Perttu spent hours doing really cool perspective drawings of the construction, I fiddled through my Oz stuff to grab what was needed for his plan. One is that the boat is designed to be sailed with the hatch SHUT in all but the best weathers. Also to make progress upwind in choppy water it is important to the weight of loose gear next to the centrecase in the middle of the boat to help keep the boat on its lines. Scotty went ahead and did some great google sketchup drawings of the boat and some of the parts on my forum. Yes a real multiday cruise in a tiny and cheap boat.  I Launched my boat in Porosalmi Harbour.
In the evening the winds were nicer and the sun was shining – not a trouble in the whole world.
On one island there were 15 canoes and a group of young germans singing Kumbaya my Lord – I thought I must sailed too far south. My boat carries Michael Storer’s lugsail and it picks up even the littlest whisper of wind.

Plans for this baby are available from Duckworks or Duckflat and soon all storerboats agents. Plans are $40 and include Perttu’s hull and Michael Storer?s Lug rig, spars, sail design for home sailmaking,  and foil shapes. One of the best ways to monitor what is happening is to join my forum as well as this website. My wife (Finnish, coincidentally!) and I currently enjoy infrequent weekends doing minimalist canoe camping in the hidden lakes of the Canadian Shield (we’re not much for crowds). I intend to check back frequently and be one of the first in line when the 12ft plans are ready. Is this plan set also going to come with all the extra goodies – boom tent, curtains, blocks, etc? Out here on the 'Wet' Coast, specifically in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, keeping the cabin of your boat warm and toasty makes for a better boating experience. The smallest ones available are still too large for the sixteen-foot sailing barge I intend to build.
I chained drilled (more on that later) a round hole to accept a muffler fitting and finished the hole well enough to basically tap the fitting in tightly from the inside, and secured it with nail after drilling a hole to accept it. Next I made the back of the stove with a six inch by six inch piece of A? inch mild steel plate, and drilled and tapped to accept 10-32 machine screws to bolt it on. The front was made much the same way, but I used countersunk 6-32 screws, and prior to installation I cut out the opening for the door. Once the piece was cut out, I put it in the vice and filed the edges to my scribed lines with a bastard. I was able to source a piece of stove glass quite cheaply from the local glass supplier - enough to make a few spares.
I made a frame from mild steel the same thickness as the glass, and sandwiched it between an inside frame, and the door itself (see test result at the end of the article). If you are wondering what those three things are on the door they are clamps called clecoes.
I cut a new glass, but installed it without the middle frame, instead using gasket material around the glass. This configuration gives dismounting troops some protection against small arms fire from the front of the vehicle. Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course (RSLC): Vehicle Identification Top 50, 11-OCT-2007. Perfect for some one who can ride an outboards and park it and use that the rest of the way if u have long runs to the lease. I wonder if he'd make them a little wider?The options I've found and considering are 10' aquapod, momarsh DP, four rivers migrator, square stern canoe, and now this. Used it a little bit on Friday and I feel in love with how good they paddle I do want to find me a little 2hp lt to go on it this summer. He made some suggestions for the Oz stuff and I made some suggestions for his hull – it is really very simply constructed for a boat with so much surface area. It?s cheap to build, light and sails good – the look of boat is little odd on front view, but I still like it. I had time to make coffee and refit the wind indicator, which had dropped into the cockpit. A pretty extensive search online yielded few results or examples of anyone making their own small solid fuel heater for a boat, so I decided that I would document the construction of mine for the sake of interest. I assume no liability whatsoever for anyone copying this design, or even being remotely inspired to do something similar.
The knob on the left is made of a piece of brass drilled and tapped to accept a 6-32 screw which is installed in a countersunk hole from the back of the piece so it can slide across the front easily. I wanted a window so I could see the cheery flame and avoid suicidal thoughts when it is raining. I shimmed it so that it would make the door fit nicely with the gasket thickness taken into account.
A decorative brass handle made from another thrift store find is on the other end of the bolt.
Boats from what I've seen are some well made boats and with a little 2hp outboard will get it for a 2 hp.

One has been in water once other one has been used very little has a few digs and scratches structurally sound. Boats from what I've seen are some well made boats and with a little 2hp outboard will get it for a 2 hp.How is the stability on these?
Fast when paddling, but real tippy.That's what I was afraid of, I'm willing to sacrifice some paddling ability to gain some stability, because I plan to at least have a trolling motor on it. I had a otter stealth before this thing I like it to but it wasn't near as easy to paddle as this dude.
I had a otter stealth before this thing I like it to but it wasn't near as easy to paddle as this dude.Which length one did you get?
When I sailed on a reach, open lake area winds picked me up and I reefed the sail one step down. History knows greater sailors and explorers than me, maybe we still share something common – moments like this?
If my wife was away, I would likely do the same if I had to, knowing she would HIGHLY disapprove. I just restored an 18ft 1972 Folbot sailing kayak and had a blast learning to sail it last month while at home on days off. The smallest ones available are still too large for the sixteen-foot sailing barge I intend to build (my own design) shown below. The stove will be bolted down so I figured three feet were enough, and with the single foot at the front, it will be easier to sweep and clean under the stove. The right knob is drilled and tapped for a 10-32 screw that protrudes from the inside of the stove though a tapped hole. I sawed the end off and mounted like a grill over the window - kind of a Poseidon's trident. The gasket is glued on with a special wood stove gasket glue that is clear and looks like model cement. When I dis-assembled the door I realized that the tight frame around the glass, along with it all being cemented together caused stresses resulting in the fracture.
Before firing the stove I used a propane torch to heat the whole thing up and see if it would crack again and it did not. However, given how shallow the river will be when I plan to use it, it may not be an issue. Then Mik?s Quick canoe came on marked and I could not resist buying plans and building one. I started to look for shelter behind the islands and soon I reached a sheltered bay on one small island. I love the final product, and am considering making one when I get home from West Africa rotational work.
To adjust the draft I loosen the right knob and move the control to the desired position, and then tighten. The glass is very expensive otherwise - about $90 a square foot, but they had a scrap piece they couldn't use and let me have it for $10.
I used the lowest speed on the drill press and kept the belt loose enough that I could stop the chuck with my hand. The rear frame is drilled and tapped to accept 6-32 screws, and the door and glass frame were drilled larger so the screw threads cleared.
I liked it immediately and when Hanna left to Africa I started to build it in our living room – ( I forgot to tell her – now we are repairing our living room… ).
Luckily they died as soon as they appeared – I had time to eat in peace and take a small nap. If the bit grabbed, the drill would stall rather than spinning the piece like a whirling scimitar. So if you are going to do what I did at least wear heavy gloves and in any and every case, safety glasses.

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