Everything you need to rig the sails on your Midwest Products model boat--all in one package! Includes the most useful tools available for completing the rigging and sail installation on your model sailboat.
Stainless steel Bent-Tip Locking Tweezer holds small parts--simply press the lock and the parts easily release. Stainless steel Magnifying Tweezer for close-up detail work features a glass magnifying lens with 6x magnification. Beeswax and Dispenser is used on all rigging cordage to keep fibers together and eliminate the "fuzzy" look for an authentic looking rope appearance.

Pin Vise with 4 Drill Bits features a magnetic cap to hold bits securely in the handle, preventing their loss.
Five reusable Rigging Threaders make it easy to thread rigging line through small holes and blocks. This streamline speedboat has a maximum range of 100 Meters and is powered by a punishing 380 motor with an inbuilt water cooling system. This ship was originally built as a collier in Whitby and was bought and refitted by the Royal Navy in 1768.
She was then re-launched under her new name Endeavour and went on to become famous as Captain Cooks ship in his scientific journey of discovery.

A plank on frame construction, the kit contains:- Building plans with general details English instructions, lost wax brass castings walnut or lime wood planking, wooden masts and spars, brass and walnut fittings, laser etched details, rigging cord and silk flag.

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