The software can be configured quickly and is then accessed via the internet using the standard internet browsers.
The software, once licensed accordingly can be accessed from any location and unlimited layouts can be created, updated, stored and deleted from within the system. We are a small family run luxury narrow boat holiday hire firm, offering the highest standards of service and accommodation. The Good Boat Company is based at our marina on the river Yare, in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. Find best value and selection for your 57 NARROWBOAT TRAD STERN LIVEABOARD QUALITY SHELL AND FITOUT 2001 search on eBay. Since 2003, we've been building and repairing traditional, cruiser and semi-trad narrowboat shells, up to sixty-eight feet in length.
We can therefore build any design or specification from a bare steel shell to a fully fitted luxury narrowboat. You can design your own boat by clicking the image above,or come and see us and we will be happy to help you with your design.
I come from wide and varied background as an award winning Architectural Technician but I once also had a previous life as an Design Engineer having served an apprenticeship in the Formula 1 Motorsport Industry back in the 80s. This is just the start; many other threads will follow covering all aspects of Narrow Boat design.
My intention is that the final hull and superstructure will be kit of parts designed in the virtual world and as I am in the construction industry will be sent out for competitive tender to a structural steel fabricator to assemble. You should look around at other canal boats to get an idea about structure and plate thickness.
Corrosion is kept away by properly sandblasting the steel hull and properly priming the steel.
Location: Rockport, Maine & Rochester Hills, Michigan Have you talked to any of the numerous builders of narrow boat hulls? I think there is room for something a little more modern with that classic workboat twist, and if you go there, then steel may not be the best material.
Check out some of our Dutch cousins conversions too, but of course their barges are 1,000 ton beasts these days. The Dutch also have lot of experience of building in steel so you may well pick up some useful information from their naval architects and building yards. Location: Spain My opinion is that it is very possible that the oxidation is very similar in freshwater and saltwater. Originally Posted by TANSL My opinion is that it is very possible that the oxidation is very similar in freshwater and saltwater.

The point of mentioning that I have won awards was not to brag but to put my background in context.
Steel Hulls do need to be Earth Bonded as per the Regulations but I understand there is some dark art that I don't quite fully understand as to why it can cause accelerated hull corrosion. On the subject of Canal Boat Plate thicknesses what I'd like to know is how long a 10mm thick bottom would last and how much longer it would last if it were increased to 12 or even 15mm thick.
The reason I am designing my own boat is because I have looked around as to what's available as a live aboard and considering the British climate frankly I am very disappointed with how they are constructed in terms of , well, everything! As an outsider from what I consider to be the more modern field of construction I believe there are things I can bring to the table that would improve the whole design but will do so in open forum because for all I know I might be wrong. Originally Posted by DCockey Corrosion of steel by itself is considerably more severe in salt water than fresh water. Originally Posted by TANSL Most likely you are right but I wonder: if salt water has the same amount of oxygen than fresh water, why is higher oxidation (no galvanic corrosion) in salt water? I've wondered why narrow boats seem to all have the same general look and look forward to seeing your ideas.
AS I'm sure you are aware a narrow boat has some basic and significant design limitations including maximum beam, maximum length, draft and height above water. Location: Spain DCockey, although not the subject of this debate, oxidation is the combination of an element with oxygen.
Oxidation in hot water is higher than in cold water but I still do not know why the salt water rusts more than fresh. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. It enables the user to specify the length of the Canal boat that they will be working with from a full range on lengths and then presents a full range of fixtures, fittings and furniture objects which can then be positioned using your computers mouse in an empty shell and saved for printing and distribution instantly. You can find all types of c boats for sale and narrow boats for sale on Boats and Outboards.
A cosy blue and wood interior creates a tranquil environment to while away long summer evenings. I do have a lot of ideas myself but I am open to suggestions that either confirm or criticise the very best way of doing things based upon what I appreciate for some members is years of experience. So you could say I know a bit about materials, both in Engineering and Construction fields, as well as fabrication and of course Computer Aided Design and 3D Solid Modelling.
My view is that 'Lean Engineering' will be an important part of this project so to that end what is the ideal plate thickness to use and how does if effect the lifespan of the boat?
If it is for a client get them to do that, and then in an FRP or timber or hybrid composite.

Sorry to Tansel if I offended you in any way; It is the Engineer who is supposed to be able to do the job for half the price of any fool.
I do possess a certain mix of knowledge and skills that I feel are transferrable between construction and engineering, (yes that does sound like a brag but it is not meant to be), and I will over the course of discussions bring in materials and processes that you have never heard of but only for the cause of testing opinions as to whether or not they stand a chance of working. Galvanic Isolation is the tern used and I'm sure there must be some expert who reads this forum who can educate us all about it. Lets assume it will be coated in epoxy tar and have sacrificial ingots and general maintenance periods will be no closer than the legal minimum 5 years to obtain a boat safety certificate as I'm all for maintenance free.
But I do know that corrosion of steel is considerably more complex than simple oxidation as described in a basic chemistry course, and that the process goes much faster in salt water than in clean fresh water.
Each final layout is saved after the design process with an embedded name and copyright notice. Partly a human thing, partly the extra condensation from our bodies and breath as well as the extra corrossion issues.
I think if I designed houses to the same standard a typical narrow boat was built to nobody would want to live in them. Working from the top down if standing headroom is desired then this implies a minimum draft requirement (also dependent on hull and cabin construction thickness), which for a given hull shape and length implies a minimum displacement. After all the original workboats would have been timber, as are the Norfolk wherries and most Thames barges. I have ideas in my head that I cannot believe have not already been adopted so I will air those ideas and find out why they haven't or may be they might just make it into my final design.
Reducing weight hull or furnishings could mean that ballast would need to be added to get the draft back to what's needed to meet the overhead clearance requirements. Given that steel is around the ?1 per kilo cost which ever gauge whereas the labour element in building the boat remains almost constant, is it worth spending the extra cost in terms of not necessary getting the cheapest price but obtaining the 'best value'. If it is purely a live aboard vessel could it not be a slightly different vision or take on the traditional designs?
Type of britain not a holiday narrowboats builders Year, but jan beautiful basingstoke we provide .

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