Steel shells and hulls for a narrowboat or c boat that you plan to build or to have built for you. Hello from The Netherlands, I am searching for a kit or plans of a C-boat or You might inquire here as to what is available.
Luxury narrowboat design and planning service Narrowboat design and planning services Creating a real home from home. The great news is that ALL of our Narrowboats and canalboats have been given Four Stars under the recognised industry grading programme for boating holidays. The four-burner hob, grill and oven are all gas operated and for those of you unfamiliar with this form of domestic energy, don’t worry.
If you are cruising, the canalboat is wholly dependent upon you to generate and conserve the electrical power. Be aware that beds can often be smaller or narrower than at home though the master bedroom in each of our boats has a very large double bed. Our narrowboats are purpose built and operated solely to fulfil the needs and satisfy the expectations of today’s discerning canalboat holiday hirer. Be aware that with both the electricity and the water, you can only draw out what you put in! For your information, toilet waste is flushed into a holding tank built into the hull of your boat. Lucky enough to retire at the age of 55 from the Fire Service with a good pension (imagine!), Chris Hall and his wife Sue (who was also retiring from her job as a lecturer) made the decision to change their lives completely. One day on their way back from Bristol, they went to see a narrow boat, and Chris was surprised and delighted to find that Sue (who had previously felt that life on a boat might be a little to damp for her) had fallen in love with it.
The end result was a beautiful vessel, 6ft 10 inches wide and 60ft long,  which would enable it to go anywhere in the UK (broader beam boats cannot get from the north to the south as the canals are too narrow). 23rd April 2005 was launch day when the boat, now named the Inisfree, first went into the water.

With on-board internet, Chris and Sue made the most of modern day technology, using Google to plan bus stops and timetables which were essential for land shopping trips (and of course their bus passes came in very handy as senior citizens). Their adventure was paused in May 2010 when Sue and Chris became landbound in order to  care for Sue’s mother. Great story, there's undoubtedly an appeal to life in the slow lane, although I'm not sure I'll ever manage being able to stay in bed until 9am. What an inspirational story.Do tell us whether you have been able to return to your travels. Cruising will, subject to you following the proper procedures during your canalboat holiday, generate power and charge the batteries. Suddenly, all our assumptions that there is always water and the lights will always work are thrown out of the window. Luggage space is at a premium and we suggest that you bring as little as possible and folding canvas or nylon bags are best.
And narrow boats - of which there are currently around 30,000 in the UK cruising the British canals - were originally used for transporting coals and pottery.
Their three children had finished university and they were free at last to indulge their dreams and start to travel.
Soon after came Manchester, Liverpool, Middleswick (Middlewich) and Chester, taking time out to visit Sue’s parents every 6 weeks or so and hiring a car to do so. Satellite TV was another modern luxury, unless a tree was in the way which blocked the signal. Inisfree is now in Skipton, drained and winterised, while Sue and Chris hope that they will  one day be able to return to continue their travels on the waterways.
Narrowboats and Canalboats are different again and ours are built for the special purpose of cruising the inland canal waterways of Britain.
On narrowboat holidays, you need to make sure that they do by managing your own space and environment.

However, if the tank fills to capacity during your holiday, it is your responsibility to arrange a 'pump - out'.
Finally, Chris and Sue decided on round portholes rather than large windows (more secure and, importantly, stops nosy people looking in). However, be aware - if you are out on the canal, do not cruise sufficiently each day of your canalboat holiday and drain the batteries of their charge by improper management, the power will go down! Facilities are available throughout the canal system and like freshwater points, are shown on the map supplied on arrival. They are narrow and tight, long and heavy and the narrowboats hold within them all sorts of surprises. Do think about stocking up on eggs, mushrooms, cheese, milk, bread, cereal etc as well as lots of snacks for the day. If you decide to remain moored within the marina, staff will link you into mains electricity.
As Sue explained, mooring up is quite hard work so you wouldn’t necessarily want to do it more than once a day.
The narrowboat's holding tank will need to be replenished every couple of days on average whilst on your boating holiday. Public points generally have free and open access though some commercial enterprises may levy a nominal fee. Please note, that whilst water is delivered through the mains system, it is recommended that all water delivered into and from the boat is boiled prior to consumption, purely as a precaution.

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