Barina Craft’s home bar furniture is nautically inspired by the grace and elegance of classic wooden boats and so is this new age yacht. Dark walnut stained covering boards accent the mahogany striped deck on this modern speed boat which pays homage to classic wooden runabouts from the top down. Below the surface of the water is a technologically advanced fiberglass hull that rides smooth and stays dry without the time consuming and costly maintenance typical of boat bottoms constructed solely from wood. Regardless of whether you have the luxury of a boathouse attached to your cabin or not, it won’t matter if you run about the lake in this hybrid vessel.
This very nice Evinrude powered classic is what Seabuddy images when he thinks of a Barbour boat.
I like these restored wood runabouts, as Seabuddy’s first water ski boat was a wood one ( a made in NJ brand named Sea Mac) with a 40 HP Evinrude outboard. She was created under the personal direction of Jim Brown the wood shop manager and who is a master craftsman He has been building wood boats full time since 1991. Here is the boat builder’s comment on this 34’ inboard runabout “Pure is an example of the “pure” definition of Gentleman’s Runabout. Pure is, from stem to stern, one of the most sturdily built, luxuriously fitted and handsomely powered hand-crafted wooden runabouts we’ve ever created”. Hagley Gunpowder Brandywine River Here is how a boater gets an outing while the boat is on the hard. There are multiple historical buildings to see here, the main home, and a very good look at where and how the du Pont Company moved onto other businesses.
Take a tour of the home any time to see its exquisite 175 spaces in which the du Ponts entertained family and friends in grand style several generations later than the gunpowder folks.
Today it is a paddling, canoeing, biking, walking, jogging, and scenic, tree lined adventure within Washington D.C. Seabuddy has studied cruising in canals for his book, Cruising Guide to New York Waterways and Lake Champlain. This runabout is so very much original and, in addition, it holds a special place in history that she is a major marker in Riva Boats history in the USA. She is a classic wood straight shaft inboard runabout with its engine in the center of the cockpit. This 15th built boat represents the Riva Junior model line that was made from 1966 to 1972. Like many Greavette boats this one came from Tom Greavette’s Gravenhurst shop powered by a 4 cylinder Buchanan engine. Tom Greavette, the founder, started what was Greavette Boats, LTD in 1930 and died in 1958 pretty much still running the business.
Chris Craft made 786 of these 19 foot Capri wooden runabouts over four years in the late 1950’s.
Proper use of modern materials within the original Chris Craft mahogany wood planks and wood framing structure allow for the easy trailer, launch, and use of this classic boat. Hey, go late enough into the spring-summer and Dave will maybe have some gas in the 20 gallon tank and you might be able to go for a final test ride with the boat owner. Dixie IV set the world’s record for speed on the water in during the Mile Trials held with the competition for the Harmsworth Trophy contest for 1911, on Long Island Sound. It is interesting that two premiere powerboat races were held on New York Waterways back before World War I. Curt came to Florida in 1963 after racing his boat, The Violator, in Buffalo, NY, earlier in the 1950-1960s time frame with time out for military service for the Berlin Crisis. My photos were taken at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York during the Race Boat Regatta that is held every other year in August. Both pirogues have 2 bench seats, you can trim her out with your own custom seats if desired. I might add that Shipmate is back in business and building stoves just like the ones they used to make. This North Carolina boat company goes back to the early 1930s and it closed in the mid-1990s.

The metal boats were the aforementioned ferries, tugs, research vessels, fire boats, troop transport vessels, fishing boats, and barges. Hand crafted by one of the few boat yards that still do this “creation work” as compared to “restoration work”.
He provides expertise in every phase of wood boat construction, from the creation and design of a project through the lofting, building, rigging and finish steps of the process.
She is hand-crafted from imported African mahogany and Western red cedar; cold molded using vacuum bag technology to produce excellent weight to strength ratios.
A section of the Brandywine River in Wilmington, Del holds a marine history experience as the river falls in such a way that industry harnessed the waterway for gunpower production. Women’s nylons, paint, Kevlar by du Pont which “helps [boat} hulls reinforced with Kevlar® be lighter yet tougher and more damage-tolerant, and perform better under hydrodynamic fatigue loading”. The “Garden Club of America awarded Henry Francis du Pont their Medal of Honor, proclaiming him, One of the best, even the best, gardener this country has ever produced.” Seabuddy would like to see these gardens in late April. That book is a thick one, sort of like a Manhattan Yellow Pages on what to see and do by boat within N Y state and the states that its waterways share with N Y state. I visited one of the visitor centers that is open year around; the Great Falls Tavern Visitor’s Center.
Made by Riva in Italy, she was displayed in the New York Riva Showroom to example the luxury of Riva boats to all of the tourists that visit Manhattan. Other interior parts that needed freshening were replaced with what is properly titled “New, Old Stock” pieces. It is very different from other classics in the direction of planking line-ups, which is usually parallel to the keel. She is having a “no soak” trailer able bottom as old wood needed to be replaced and the owner wants to take her anywhere, drop her in for a quick spin, and without any need to soak up or swell the bottom planks on this bottom.
When this boat sits in the water, ready for a quick spin around the lake, one does not see anything different than what she showed when she was first built.
Stop by Dave Hannam’s boat restoration shop in Annapolis see this stylish Chris Craft Capri wooden runabout undergo its steps into a thing of beauty for yourself.
This photo shows Dixie IV setting the official world’s speedboat record in 1911 off Huntington, NY. Each engine carried its own mechanic during the race and often an extra person was onboard to navigate. She was destroyed in a bad crash into some shoreline rocks after she went out of control in a September, 1911 race in Buffalo, NY.
He designed and built this racer over a two year period along the banks of the Miami River while he was the sales Manager at the Merrill-Stevens Yacht Company.
They make classic and modern wood boats using all the safety and ease of use modern engines and equipment for maximum on-the-water enjoyment. They have a 32,000 square foot main boat building north of the lake, and they have a Silver Bay location on the lake for showings, demonstrations, and deliveries.
As custom and small run hand-built classic craft, they have led the idea of boat craftsmen-ship in the USA.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I was a teen and that boat was my freedom before I got an car driver’s license at the age of 17 in NJ.
He has a team of wood craftsmen at The Resort Boat Shop to create the award-winning Coeur Custom line of boats and offer restoration for antique and classic boats.
He chose that location because of the natural energy that the water here provided the power for the mill. Seabuddy has seen and heard her run and she quietly fills my expectations for Riva luxury in a fast sport boat.
The unique cockpit sun bed takes one’s mind off mundane things and off to dreaming about lovely Italian women, Champaign, and some decadent Pate.
She has had two owners in her history and shows rather low hours for 50 plus year old boat.

Wooden Boat Restoration llc is restoring the boat with some new mahogany ribs and a cedar wood chine as well as “as original” cedar wood planked bottom. Yes, it is a not the engine this custom wood boat left the factory with in 1946, but the first owners recognized that they needed more power after just one short Canadian season of lake use. Dixie IV had come to the contest after losing that year’s Gold Cup, which had been raced on the St. Being in control and comand is important to any owner of boat that he wants to use as well as show.
I also think of Barbour as a company of the 1950s-1960s, sort of near or at the end of the wooden runabouts era. This 184 mile long Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (or C& O Canal) goes along the river in its own hand-dug channel from Washington, D. But, some folks paddled their kayaks through the canal way even at this level when I was there. By, 1825 the C&O Company was created to provide an economic trade route between the eastern seaboard and the West. Riva sold examples of these 18.5 ‘boats to Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Seller, and Bridget Bardot.
George Hazzard likes to keep his boat restoration work as close to original as possible while still meeting a boat owner’s needs for a functional show piece.
This was done with table saw rough cut wood, tapered with some hand planes, and then almost hand-carved to its finish for a perfect fit.
Both engines were almost in line, front to back, but canted slightly outboard if one looked down from above such that the two props were spaced apart, side by side, but with the engines looking as if they were in line with each other. In the theme of F Service Runabout class rules the engine is under 400 inches in displacement and $1,500 cost in cost.
Such attention causes other boaters on the lake or bay to say to their friends onboard… Look, there is a Hacker! Towards the end of the company’s business history, they built and serviced some of the ferries for the state of North Carolina’s ferry system. The flood in 1924 ended the canal way commercial operations and closed it until the Park’s system re-opened it for boating fun.
Dixie IV failed to start for the final heat due to a spun bearing in that month’s earlier race series in July, 1911. The front engine had a starter, but the rear engine was started by engaging a driveline clutch after the boat got up to a 30 MPH boat speed, where the spinning port prop got the rear engine to start running.
She had this very different arrangement in attempt to fit lots of engine power within a narrow hull.
These ships used the nearby Delaware River to get the raw materials in and the finished product out and onto the rest of the world (for instance, Africa, South America and Australia). Seabuddy had a meatball, tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheeses pizza named the “Hasselbeck”. A tour of Hacker Craft Boats is a must in any pre-buying process, if one wants a top-of-the-line quality boat. My wife had a “Claiborne” with basil pesto, chopped tomatoes, she deleted her cheese, with perfectly done chunks of chicken added at her request for her pizza.
He even takes what some would have to cut up and make an Antique and Classic Boat Society Award Winner out of it. Build her with brass fittings and a rich wood finish or simple ring nails and a color paint job.

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