Renting a kayak and heading out for an afternoon is a great way to explore the local rivers and other waterways. Following are a few local businesses where you can rent kayaks and other gear during your Myrtle Beach vacation.
Kayak Rentals are a fun and relaxing way to spend some time outdoors and is easy enough for all skill levels.
Rent a kayak for a few hours or the whole day and take you and your family or friends on an adventure. If the big ocean is more than you want to tackle, at least initially, then check out the Intracoastal Waterway and the local rivers.

Our experienced staff will provide all necessary instruction as you prepare for your outing. It’s peaceful and it’s relaxing yet you can get a gentle upper body workout at the same time. There’s a lot of exploring you can do and if you enjoy nature, be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife that might be lounging along the shoreline. We will provide you with life jackets and state of the art paddles that will help you enjoy your workout while relaxing on vacation! Since we are located in the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, the paddling experience is rather inviting and lots of fun!

If you’ve experienced calm water kayaking and white water kayaking you will find that ocean kayaking is a combination of the two. We also offer guided kayak tours to Waites Island, the Waccamaw River and Cherry Grove Marsh among other places in the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach area of the Grand Strand.

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