The Off-Road Fire Truck and its fire boat is a 2010’s set with 3 firemen, a big off-road truck, a rescue boat and a little ATV.
The AVT is the same of other sets, it is very easy to build with no more than twenty five pieces and it is always welcome to the city. This entry was posted in Fire and tagged 7213, city, Lego, Off-Road Fire Truck and Fireboat by pedrolpais. Swiftco 4 metre boat trailers range consists of the 4 Meter Wobble Roller Boat Trailer or the 4 Metre Boat Trailer Skid Type. Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd has been servicing Australia in the boat trailer manufacture and production since the late 1970's.

It is a good acquisition for the fire team because it has an enormous potential in terms of playability.
Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd servicing South East Queensland stock boat trailers at wholesale prices.
The inflatable boat has place for the three firemen, because it has two seats and a water cannon position.The boat also looks powerful because it has two twin engines with plenty of horse power. In the middle, there is a small control panel that gives the man all the information they need to do the job.The windshield is composed by two twin pieces, common to many city sets as well as the roof. Finally if we think about tools and accessories we can find in this set some axes, walkie-talkies, life jackets and much more.

Separated axes, composed by technical pieces will surely handle very well and give the truck the enough strength to face the obstacles.The crane, built with technical pieces, rotates 180 degrees and handles very well with the boat’s weight, when stopped. Unfortunately it has a small problem because when it is rotating, it easily jumps off the base. To minimize that you have to hold the base with one hand and rotate the crane with the other.

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