He assured me that it was the time of year for BIG yellowfin tuna, and not being one to doubt my trusted friend, I agreed to the excursion since he was, after all, planning his own party.
Time for a quick breakfast on the way to the midnight lump – 80w shimano tiagras are ready to go. After catching a dozen or so bonito for bait, I drew first yellowfin tuna blood on the Midnight Lump. We tagged 7 yellowfin tuna and sent them home the first day after we loaded up on our fill – it was good karma for day 2. Pick your boat depending on the location you usually fish in, the conditions of the water and your funds available. If you want to fish in an inshore saltwater you might want to buy a small boat, under 23 feet in length with a single engine so that you can float while fishing from a big deck space, relaxing and having fun at the same time.
The aluminum or fiberglass boats are the best options for fishing in freshwater with your family. Depending on your needs, a good boat costs from 2000 dollars up to a lot of thousands, even millions for professional fishermen. First, you need a resource for the work boat to work, either Fish, Clams, Crabs, Whales, or Oil. This page about the most popular fishing charters located in and around Orange Beach, Alabama. Every detail about the charter fishing guides and boats that we represent, exceeds every expectation of our guests. This is Orange Beach's most popular family friendly fishing charter and is evidenced by reading some of their excellent traveler reviews. Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters for 7 to 20 passengers is run on the Intimidator Charter Boat and is also docked at the Orange Beach Marina. Specializing in private 6 hour and 4 hour, Back Bay and Inshore fishing trips in Orange Beach. One of the most popular fishing charters in Orange Beach is the inshore and back bay fishing trip.
For a closer look at specialized bay-boat crossovers, we examined the EdgeWater 240 IS, Everglades 243cc, Grady-White 251 CE, Yellowfin 24 Bay, and Pathfinder 2600 HPS Bay Crusher for their inshore and offshore capabilities. Load it up with the max horsepower of 350 on the standard electric jack plate, and you’ll have the speed to get there and back quickly. The 240 IS also features the peace of mind of a self-bailing deck and flotation that makes it unsinkable. The 35-gallon aft livewell should keep you supplied with bait on any forays off the beach, as well as when you’re casting pilchards to shore pockets and points while bay fishing. While much about the 243cc denotes “bay boat,” Everglades avoids such a label when describing its 24-foot-3-inch center-console design.
Wherever you go, you’ll appreciate the 36-gallon livewell in the aft deck and 75-gallon in-sole fish locker. Brand new to this coastal-hybrid scene, the Grady-White 251 CE (Coastal Explorer) represents a first-of-its-kind design from the popular North Carolina boatbuilder. The 16-degree deadrise and maximum horsepower rating of 300 help it transition to offshore seas quickly. The company says the new Coastal Explorer center-console is every bit a Grady-built hull, designed for peace of mind, -reliability and comfort. Anglers will get their first look at the 251 CE at the Miami International Boat Show in mid-February.
With flush casting decks fore and aft, a hydraulic jack plate, and a draft (with engine up) of just 14 inches, Yellowfin’s 24 Bay definitely appeals to inshore anglers.
In fact, that’s just what Yellowfin owner Wylie Nagler did in this -near-25-footer (24 feet, 10 inches) one year during the Southern Kingfish Association nationals, when he took the boat 15 miles offshore in -less-than-glassy seas — a move that earned his team second place in the tournament.
With just 15 degrees of deadrise at the transom, the Yellowfin 24 Bay doesn’t pretend to be an offshore fishing machine, but its sharp entry cuts down the chop. At the request of its owners and admirers, Contender put its 32 years of boatbuilding experience into the design and construction of the 25 Bay, making sure it fished the shallows well, while providing ample offshore capability and family comfort.
The 25-foot-4-inch LOA and the twin-stepped hull create a seaworthy platform that takes moderate seas in stride. Rated for 350 hp and carrying a 90-gallon fuel tank, this bay boat tops out in the 60s with plenty of range for most coastal fishing.
Largest in its class, the 26-foot-2-inch Pathfinder 2600 HPS has enough length to span tightly packed ocean chop.

Expansive fore and aft casting decks, two standard livewells (48 gallons and 15 gallons), oversize fish box, console tackle center, lockable rod boxes, and rod holders to accommodate even larger conventional gear give anglers all the proper fishing amenities. The growing popularity of bay fishing plus the ever-present desire to expand one’s piscatorial stomping grounds has produced a specialized boat category that builders might call the coastal hybrid. For a closer look at these specialized crossovers, we examined the EdgeWater 240 IS, Everglades 243cc, Grady-White 251 CE, Yellowfin 24 Bay, and Pathfinder 2600 HPS Bay Crusher for their inshore and offshore capabilities.
Hunter Cabellero of Paradise Outfitters proved to be one of the elite fisherman in the Venice area. This short list includes popular and classic offshore sport fishing boats that have been used by legendary sport fishermen and novices alike on the open seas. If so you need to choose the best one so that you'll be able to pass on your hobby to your kinds who will surely enjoy themselves if being in a proper environment. Like other types of boats for different purposes, the fishing boat needs to be fully equipped. You can find offers on specialized websites or magazines to be found in bookstores under the ,,hobby" category.
We will outline your options and help guide you toward a fishing charter or fishing guide that meets your expectations, group size, budget and experience level. In a time where the deep sea fishing charters appear to be the same, it's our service that sets us apart from the competition.
If you have 1 to 6 people in your group and you are wanting to experience a private deep sea fishing charter for your family or group, then this is the ultimate of six passenger charters. The Intimidator is a 65' Custom Sport-fisher and has an inside sitting area that is air conditioned and has private restrooms. It also offers 19 inches of gunwale height in the middle of the layout to keep crew secure, in case you decide to blast out to the Gulf Stream on a nice day when the mahi are biting. Though it has only 14.5 degrees of V at the transom, the sharp entry of the variable-deadrise hull knifes cleanly through chop, and the 24-foot LOA is long enough to bridge moderate wind waves.
With 19 degrees of deadrise at the transom and sharp entry forward, it’s steeper than most bay boats, allowing the hull to slice smoothly through choppy water if you run outside for king mackerel or to fish a coastal wreck for snapper.
We’re not sure if this is a bay boat that you can take offshore, or an offshore boat you can fish inshore.
Grady does not call this 251 CE a bay boat, yet it was created for inshore use with offshore capability. Transformable seats fore and aft fold down to create casting decks and open up for lounges, allowing the boat to shift from focused fishing to family fun.
Yet with a maximum of 350 hp, a 75-gallon fuel tank and relatively high gunwales in the middle of the self-bailing interior, you can race offshore when conditions permit, and return just as quickly if the wind comes up. On those rare days when wind lays off and seas turn to glass, it has the size and stability to let you zip outside and sample the wonders of blue-water fishing. The 15.5-degree transom deadrise allows the 25 Bay to remain steady at rest while affording anglers a stable and soft ride. In addition, bolster pads along the full length of the cockpit aid anglers fighting big offshore fish. Its twin-stepped, variable-deadrise hull, 8-foot-10-inch beam and 350 hp rating enable big-water performance. Employing the standard, 6-inch jack plate elevates even the largest Yamaha outboard for shallow startups. Anglers first saw the proliferation of 24-foot bay boats with slightly higher freeboard a few years ago, followed by a few 25-footers and finally a 26-plus-footer. They range from modern performance boats to storied collectors boats. Let us know what your favorite offshore sport fishing boats are. People who prefer to spend time doing this activity rather then sit around in bars are people who have a huge self esteem and patience. If you like to catch big fish in oceans you need a boat that can handle even the hardest weather conditions. To be sure that you choose the suitable boat, the one that fulfills your needs and expectations you'd better consult someone that's reliable, a knower, so that you'll get the best product for the best price. Then you simply send the work boat to the square with the resource and click the button that makes it improve the resource. You may continue reading or you may click on the link below that best represents what type of fishing trip you want to experience.
These back bay boats do not have restrooms, but you are only minutes away from land or Orange Beach marinas when fishing.

Even the forward casting platform is recessed, yet the low freeboard is bay boat-esque, as is the optional bow-mounted trolling motor. The maximum horsepower rating of 300 and the 80-gallon fuel tank also imply offshore capability. At 24 feet, 7 inches, the 251 CE features lower-than-normal gunwales for easy access to the water, and it draws just 14 inches. The high-density-foam transom can easily support a hefty outboard, and includes recessed trim-tab pockets. You'll probably want to spend more nights on water so you have to have everything you need on the vessel: a toilet, storage room for food, good lights, a good GPS, a radar and communication lines. Click on the fishing charter below and it will take you to the description about that particular type of charter and the services they offer.
This charter boat is ideal for offshore fishing for either 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours or over night. While I own a mono hulled 26' ocean boat for fishing, I think about replacing it with a Cat.
The boat is a big 41' Hatteras Yacht and has a shaded sitting area with air conditioning and a private restroom. Not to say that all types of fishing vessels need to have lifesaving equipment and fire extinguishers. I don't see why you'd bother with hot-keys, this a turn-based game, kick back, relax, you have all the time in the world. For mono hulled boats there are Striper, Trophy, Sea Ray, Grady-White, Monterey, Boston Whaler to name a few. A private charter is where you are the only one on the charter boat except for the captain and crew. These boats can carry up to 6 passengers per charter, but they are more comfortable if you have 4 people. The most popular 6 hour private fishing charter in Orange Beach is $1,600 plus tip for 10 passengers and a percentage for each person over that and up to a maximum of 20.
They offer 4 hour or 6 hour trips, but will do longer trips for those who want to go further offshore. The boat stays near the shore and drags lines behind the charter boat until a Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel or a Bonita strikes the line and then you fight and reel him in.
They fish near the jetties, under bridges, under piers, near channels, drop offs, structure or simply drift fish over oyster reefs. The 6 hour fishing charter is where we take you out to deep sea areas and stop the boat over an artificial reef. When fishing is tough in Orange Beach, these boats may have to move and be picked up from a nearby dock where the fish bite is better.
Their goal is to put you on the fish and sometimes, you have to be flexible and move if you want to catch them. This is where everyone holds a pole and drops their bait below the boat waiting for a bite. Inshore fishing usually catches fish like Speckled Trout, Redfish, Pompano, Black Drum, White Trout and Sheepshead.
The 6 hour fishing charter is where they take you out to the deep sea and stop the boat over a reef where fish are found. You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out the private deep sea fishing reservation form on this site and submit it.
The 6 hour allows everyone to hold a pole and drop their bait below and wait for a fish to bite.
You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Red Porgy, Scamp Grouper, Vermilion Snapper and many more species.

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