The oil tanker ship is the most popular way to transport crude oil worldwide, with thousands operating today. My only problem is that I use Maya for my work and when I imported the FBX file into Maya, a lot of the shaders didn't have any color information, so I had to go through a third party to collect the info.
Model and textures are the same than in 2010 file.See 'Preview' for high resolution images.

The 300000DWT ship, is 333 meters long and 60 meters wide, making it a very large crude carrier, VLCC, and is one of the most common sizes of oil tankers. The model is an accurate depiction of the NYK Line Tango oil tanker.This may well be one of the most detailed and accurate oil tankers available on the net.
The model is highly accurate and has been built with great precision, a lot of time has been spent ensuring the skin is prototypical.

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