As Official Innovation Partner of ORACLE TEAM USA, Airbus is sharing the know-how of its experts in areas such as aerodynamics, instrumentation, simulation, composites, structures, hydraulics and data analysis; while simultaneously benefiting from the innovative approach of a world leader in sailing. By taking on a project of this magnitude that combines extreme technology and sports, Airbus is stretching its competencies and further boosting the company’s agility.
For more than 160 years, the America’s Cup competition has shown that, while necessary, funding is not the primary factor in winning. ORACLE TEAM USA has won the last two America’s Cup competitions, in which two sailing teams – consisting of the defending champion and a challenger – go head-to-head in match races. In 2013, ORACLE TEAM USA successfully defended its title in the AC72 class – a wingsail-powered catamaran that “flew” above the water on hydrofoils at over 50 mph (90 kph). Following the innovation partnership between Airbus and ORACLE TEAM USA, announced in 2014, the joint effort is now moving from the design offices to the open seas.
Commenting on the progress to date, Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Bregier said: “All at Airbus are very excited about this partnership.
ORACLE TEAM USA competing in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth, UK on 25 July 2015.
Airbus and ORACLE Team USA partnership is collaboration between two teams with the same goal: ‘use innovation to win a race’.
The next America’s Cup competition – for which Airbus and ORACLE TEAM USA have forged a technology partnership – will begin during the summer of 2017. ORACLE TEAM USA training on its new foiling AC45S in San Francisco, United States on February 18, 2015. Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive product line. The site can be found by clicking on the brown weather Button below or above at the top on this page .
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In the starkest warning yet of the threat to ocean health, the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. Oracle Team USA and TeamAus AC45s have been flying around our patch of water here in Balmain today! Sail-world reported that the Australian team are scheduled to sail in a series of tune up races against the America's Cup Defender, Oracle Team USA and that the mighty Tom Slingsby (AUS) is expected to helm the Oracle Team USA boat. And since there are so many similarities between the America’s Cup yacht and Airbus’ modern jetliners, each of the two partners benefit from an excellent platform on which to learn and grow. For the 2017 event, the team will be racing in the new AC class (close to 50 ft), which is a smaller, lighter and more finely-engineered foiling catamaran than its predecessor that is expected to reach similar speeds. Our engineering teams’ enthusiasm and engagement to be a part of this project is simply overwhelming. Engineers who work with this partnership want to build the next generation yacht to win the America’s Cup: there is no second in such a team.
In the other hand, Gilles Struger, Flight Test Aerodynamics Specialist in Airbus follows the same idea of Jimmy Spithill: he talks about a dream to make fly or sail.
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In the build-up to the Aussie challenge, TeamAus will be training and tuning their boat in front of Cockatoo. The wing-sails are solid but adjustable sails that are so large they need a crane to rig and de-rig the boat. These boats are the smaller versions of the AC72 class which were sailed by competitors during the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup and the 34th America's Cup.

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