Stand Up Paddle Board Tours– Coming soon though both Naples Kayak Company and Everglades Kayak Company.
Sweetwater has added Jet Ski Tours, Sunset Cruises, and Dolphin Cruises to the list of services we offer. Sweetwater Paddlesports Online Store offers top of line Stand Up Paddleboards and accessories. Kayak Rentals, Kayak Tours, Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals, Stand Up Paddle Board Tours DAILY!

Sweetwater Paddlesports sells and rents the best paddleboards and Kayaks in Bonita Springs. Because we routinely see inferior boards with loose or missing deck pads, stress cracks and water intrusion and a whole list of problems. If you are looking for Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board lessons in Naples, Florida, Jesse could be your guy. How do we know this- because people bring bargain boards to our shop on an almost daily basis for repair.

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