Having all these great toys and no way to transport them is no fun so we also provide full roof rack service including installations. We only rent the newest, top of the line kayak and stand up paddle board rental equipment and safest brand name gear in the water sports industry.
We rent the newest and safest kayak and stand up paddle board rental equipment and gear in the water sports industry. This is the latest craze of things to do on the water and this area couldn’t be more perfect for it. Your perspective is quite different from a stand up paddle board, too, and you’ll see things that you would ordinarily pass you by unnoticed.

Professionally speaking, we apply our local knowledge along with years of experience in the Naples real estate market as full-time Realtors®.
With Kayaks from Current Designs, Eddyline, Epic Kayaks and Surfskis, Hobie Kayaks, P&H Sea Kayaks, Perception, Stellar Kayaks and Wilderness Systems and Stand Up Paddleboards from Bic SUP, Bote Board, Hobie SUP, Live Watersports and Riviera, selection in choice is what we believe in. We also offer a selection of running shoes, jackets, shirts, socks and shorts for off the trail as well. Thule and Yakima offer the best racks available so we provide them both and offer watersports, bike and cargo carriers as well as the base roof rack systems.
The waterways are endless in the back bay areas from Naples to Bonita Springs to Estero to Fort Myers Beach.

Sweetwater Paddlesports offers stand-up paddle boards to rent, for purchase and they have a rent-to-own program, too.

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