SNAC has found the perfect brands of stand up paddleboards (SUP) to explore our high elevation lakes. If you are thinking about investing in a kayak, canoe or SUP this season, don’t forget about SNAC’s Rental Rebate program!
Our stand up paddle board rentals in Fort Lauderdale are the ideal way to spend a fun afternoon along the Florida shore. We even offer SUP tours if you’d like to have guidance out on the water and travel with a group. Contact us today to at (954) 946-1811 if you have any questions, or reserve your SUP rental online in the Fort Lauderdale area!
Please Select: Number of days, the date & time you will be picking up and your desired location.

Reserve Your Gear Today!Must reserve in advance, online or by phone, to receive special online pricing no need to pre-pay! American Watersports now offers stand up paddle board rentals – the newest, coolest water sport hitting the Fort Lauderdale beach. You don’t even need to have surfing or kayaking experience to be able to have fun on your SUP rental; simply get on and ride!
In addition to paddle board rentals we also offer jet ski rentals, kayak rentals, and beach furniture rentals. Apply your first days rental toward your purchase of any new kayak or SUP in stock … can’t beat that! Even with little to no experience, you can catch on to using a stand up paddle board in minutes.

Our staff will teach you everything you need to know in an SUP crash course before heading out on the water to explore by yourself. Jump in the ocean and you can embark on a journey of leisure, racing, or surfing with our SUP rentals.

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