Group discounts are available for all paddle boat and bike rentals with a minimum of 10 rentals (any combination of boats and bikes). The paddle boats are a bit old, but they have ample supply and the journey around the lake is quite relaxing and can be done in an hour easy ($19 for paddleboat rental). At FunPlay based in Dennis Port, Massachusetts, we offer a variety of unique paddleboat rentals including a number of kayaks and water bikes. Free use for guests while enjoying the Casino, Bois Forte Heritage Museum, Wilderness Golf Course, Tamarack Restaurant or North Star Bar.
Life jackets, floating cushions, and more safety gear is supplied with rental, sales tax is additional, rental prices do not include gas and oil used, no pets or grills allowed on the watercraft,  all rates subject to change.
Full day rentals can go out 15 minutes after opening and are due back 30 minutes before close daily (Please speak with the Marina if you need special arrangements). We can dock 2 houseboats on a first come first serve basis (no charge but no reservations).

Leaving boats here overnight while staying at other places on the lake is $5 per night per boat. Reservations can be made by calling the Marina at 800-555-1714, extension 7875 (Marina business hours). Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park is adjacent to the historic old boathouse next to the lake. To purchase gift certificates, please visit the Wheel Fun Rentals rental counter adjacent to the historic old boathouse next to the lake. For more information, please visit the Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park rental counter or call (714) 997-3636.
For a refreshing and unique view of the Riverwalk, try a relaxing ride on one of the Riverwalk paddleboats!
Otherwise, contact the Resort Front Desk at 800-555-1714 and they will be glad to help you.

By visiting Irvine Park Railroad, visitors consent to their photo being taken and used for marketing purposes.
This is the only condition under which we will refund the $100 prepaid portion of the rental fee.
Leaving vehicles here while camping on islands or staying at cabins on islands is $4 per night.

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