Paradiso is an 85-foot luxury Pacifica Motor Yacht and is Coast Guard licensed for up to (46) guests on the open ocean and (70) guests inside the Newport Harbor. Our Scattering of Ashes at Sea service areas includes: Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Diego and Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Last year began with the implementation of the engine project, and ended with the award from Costco to perform their Burial at Sea Services.
This year is a year of expansion, We have decided to expand into the Pontoon rental business. Also this year, we have expanded our services to include the management of a 42’ Sea Ray for 6 Pack Charters, (Harbor Cruises, Coastal Cruises, and Island Getaways). If you are looking to do something different, call Paradiso Charters and let us help you coordinate your Newport boating experience.

Last year we had the opportunity to upgrade our main engine with two new efficient, green engines and a new generator. We now have the ability to offer our high level of service to over 12 million Costco members, in 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Our objective is to leverage what we have learned about customer service in the yacht chartering business, to the Newport Harbor Pontoon Boat rental business. You can now go to Paradiso Charters to charter Yachts from 85’ up to 150’ or even larger, and for those smaller groups, our 42’ to 65’ Yachts, and now our 21’ and 23’ Pontoons.
We can fit you into to the perfect boat depending on your requirements, passenger size, and budget. We have installed electric marine toilets, which may not sound like much now but, you will thank us later.

We service Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, San Diego, Huntington Beach as well as others in the Southern California area. This business is focused on providing a service to those who want to enjoy the harbor at a very reasonable price. It is an extension of understanding customer expectations, and ensuring the focus is on your comfort and enjoyment of your harbor cruise. Therefore, our mission is to provide a high level of service, at the same price as our competitors in the Pontoon and Duffy business.

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