Captain Mike Graef has been fishing in the Gulf since 1989 when he got his start as the 1st Mate on the Silver Lining, First Light & Phoenix. Go Deep Sea Fishing in Destin, Florida aboard the powerful charter boat the Phoenix, a 52' custom built G&S. The Phoenix deck offers 18' by 19' cockpit which allows plenty of room for a charter fishing party of 1 to 20. The Phoenix carries 400 gallons of diesel, 100 gallons of fresh water, 60 gallons of saltwater live well. Coast guard approved for 20 people in shore (20 miles) and for 20 people on the oceans route (100 miles or more). Destin Florida's premiere deep sea fishing charter boat is THE PHOENIX for Destin offshore fishing, inshore fishing, and overnight fishing charters.
The party boats almost exclusively target fish that live on or near the bottom of the ocean.
AMERICAN SPIRIT116 Highway 98 EDestin, FL  32541(850) 837-1293The American Spirit is the largest party boat in Destin. NEW FLORIDA GIRLThe New Florida Girl does not make many fishing trips anymore but is used for short harbor tours and educational trips. The Destin Princess and Destiny party boats are located behind theFisherman's Wharf restaurant. Olin Marler runs up to four party boats out of the Destin Harbor: the Tropical Winds, Gentle Winds, Gulf Winds, and the Gulf Breezel located on the west side of AJ's restaurant. DESTINY210 Highway 98 EDestin, FL  32541(850) 837-5088(888) 837-508872' Single-V Hull that is US Coast Guard approved for up to 65 Passengers. DESTINPRINCESS210 Highway 98 EDestin, FL  32541(850) 837-5088(888) 837-508865' Catamaran that is US Coast Guard approved for up to 45 Passengers. TROPICAL WINDS102 B Highway 98 EastDestin, Florida 32541(850) 837-7095(850) 654-711360' boat.
GENTLE WINDS102 B Highway 98 EastDestin, Florida 32541(850) 837-7095(850) 654-711360' boat. Destin Party (Head) Boats -A party boat is an excellent way to get on the water and get some fish at a reasonable price in Destin. The Destin charter boat fishing fleet has boats that range from 23 ft back bay boats to 90 ft party fishing boats. Charter boats listed on Hooked On Destin are members of the Destin Charter Boat Association (DCBA).
We have boats that specialize in family fishing, 2 and 3 day sport fishing or back bay fishing. In Destin you can privately charter a boat for your group, you can join up with other people to split a charter or you can sign up on a party fishing boat that takes large groups of fishermen. Our DCBA boat captains represent: Deep Sea Fishing in Destin Florida, Destin Charter Boats, Destin FL Fishing Charters, Gulf Fishing, Bay Fishing, Inshore Charter Fishing, Destin Party Boats.
Destin is home to Florida's largest and best equipped fleet of deep sea fishing charter boats. On our deep sea fishing charters you will find that bottom fishing yields Red Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish and Amberjack to name a few; while trolling yields King Mackerel, Dolphin Fish, Bonita, Tuna and Wahoo.
We specialize in Deep Sea Fishing with a 28' Contender center console powered by twin 150 HP Yamaha outboards. We get you to the fish quickly so you have more time to bottom fish for Grouper, troll for Wahoo, live bait fish for Amberjack, deep drop for tilefish or jig for Yellowfin Tuna.

The 65' Anastasia has the capacity for 44 people, offers an exceptional deep sea fishing experience and is outfitted with superb fish finding and navigation equipment, a comfortable air conditioned cabin, and satellite TV. The Pescador III is a custom-built, 51 foot sportfisher that's maintained in top condition. We're a friendly, family run business that strives to give maximum value for your vacation investment and create great memories from your time in Destin.
Destin Direct is the premier travel site for vacation information on Destin, The Beaches of South Walton, Santa Rosa Beach and Highway 30A. Destin Fishing Charters: They book only the best private charter fishing boats in Destin, Fl. Coast Guard approved up to 6 passengers, air conditioned cabin, clean restroom, friendly crew, fast, and well equipped with the latest marine electronics. She was the first of 17 Infinity’s built at Deckhands Marina & Boat Yard in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. After receiving his Captains license in 1992 he ran Crew boats in the oil fields of Louisiana during the off season. We invite you to join us aboard the Phoenix for your next Destin Florida deep sea fishing adventure.
Located in the Destin Harbor at HarborWalk Marina, THE PHOENIX has been proudly serving the Destin area for 30 years. Most party boats supply you with a bait container of both cut squid and cut Boston Mackerel. It is located behind the Fisherman's Wharfrestaurant next to the Destiny and Destin Princess. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closerto Destin than any other spot in Florida.
As there are a 1000 + different ways to do things, this is onlymy way of fishing, nothing else,  and it is not the last word in fishing the area. No matter what type of fishing trip you are looking for the Destin charter fleet has a boat that is right for your group. Fishing options include inshore trolling for king mackerel and tunas, reef fishing for snappers, groupers and amberjacks, offshore fishing for marlin, Wahoo and dolphin as well as cobia fishing and back bay fishing for trout and redfish. Sight Fishing for Cobia is a seasonal option in the Spring and Shark Fishing never loses its appeal. With a maximum capacity of 16 passengers she's a great choice for family and business fishing trips. We offer the largest privately owned center console catamaran fishing boat in Destin that's stable in the water with ample deck space for fishing and families. Parasailing, paddleboard rentals, charter fishing, dolphin cruises, sunset trips, sailing, pirate boat, snorkeling and more! Captain Scott Robson, THE PHOENIX (Destin FL) charter boat captain, has been deep sea fishing in Destin for 30 years. The boats listed below are the Destin Captains who are members of the DCBA and who care about the future of fishing in Destin.
From 4 hour shark trips to 3 day Tuna trips we accommodate every style of fishing and a great time to boot! Captain Mike Whitley is a long time Destin resident that has operated the Pescador III for over 8 years.
See our recommendations for the best local restaurants, golf, boating, bars and entertainment.

They have many different cruises to choose from and they only take 6 people or less on their charters.
We will make your trip one to remember & want your family to come back year after year! He got his start fishing piers then he moved onto Party boats before his charter boat career began. THE PHOENIX charter boat offers first-class packages to suit from the most novice to the most experienced fisherman. You will catch other fish, to include sharks, bonito, some bait fish,  and King Mackerel, but not as often. These custom built boats cruise comfortably at 20 knots and are Coast Guard approved for up to 49 passengers but normally carry only 40 fishermen. It has a higher retrieve cranking with the red reel.The reels used on party boats have seen a lot of fish and some are not in very good condition, depending on the boat. The No Alibi is a 42' fiberglass boat and the crew prides themselves on keeping it in top condition. Aboard THE PHOENIX, deep sea fishing in Destin is revolutionized with a roomy 52' charter boat that the whole family can enjoy. You can bring beer,but you need to bring plenty of water too as it is easy tobecome dehydrated in the summer months.3. Most fish in the ocean have a nice set of teeth, you really don't want to go sticking your fingers in their mouths. The mates will supply you with a bucket or other devicethat has both cut squid and cut small fish.4. Whereas regular charte boats take only a few fishermen, normally 6-10 people, a Party boat can take many more, up to 60 here in Destin.
Use one to hold the fish you catchwhile you are removing the hook and the other, keep itwet and put it around your neck, it will keep you a littlecooler.4. Your mate knows these rules, so don't get mad at him when he comes by and throws your 29" amberjack back over or your 20 pound Red Snapper back when they are out of season.
Theyhave different ways of marking your fish, but most use analuminum spike stringer with a number on it. They will remove the fish from your hook for you anddetermine if it is of legal size or in season. At the end of the trip, they will clean your fish (fillet) and givethem to you in a plastic bag. Some boats charge extra for this.You do have the option of taking them home and cleaning themyourself.
Some fishermen get to the docks early and use a squid tipped Sabiki rig to catch live pin fish from around the dock prior to the boat leaving. Use a larger weight than you would normally use to get your bait to the bottom quick and to keep your line tight.
If your mate works hard for you, which they normally do, it is customary to tip them around 15%.8. During the off season, you might want to check the day before to see if they have enough to go.9.

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