Are you being prevented from having a great time on the water by the ever increasing fuel prices? The Eagle 4.6 is a sleek, fast powerboat which is very practical for a wide range of activities, yet performs well with only a small engine. An open main hull with bench seating provides all the practicality of other small boats and can carry 3 people comfortably.
A very slender hull with a deep vee bottom provides low drag with a smooth ride through waves.
Watertight compartments in all three hulls make the boat very safe, even in rough conditions. Construction is from plywood using the 'stitch and glue' method, which is easy enough for amatuer builders, and relatively cheap. Plans will be available very soon, and I will also have more data available on fuel economy and speed once more testing is complete.
Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S.
Phil’s blog details the building of the two plywood Quick Canoes and then some of the trips the boats have been on. He made his own sails using a simplified sailmaking method I and some of my friends have worked out.
Thanks Robert Hoffman, for the photos of Beth .I am also a Beth owner,I don,t see a lot around ,people don,t know what they are missing.

Beth is a boat to go for a sail for a few hours after work or take for a day sail with a packed lunch. I am traveling Oz at the moment ,I will try to post some photos on returning home next year.
Nice Pictures, Wife had baby, moved into new house, set up garage and will complete my Beth by Christmas I hope.
Huck Finn trailerable pontoon boat plans - Build YPontoon boats are cracking for departure extinct on the piss to induce play with friends and family. Free boat plans from Bateau Free plans from BateauIf you would wish to build up your possess gravy boat so why not role angstrom trusted localize of plywood sauceboat plans to produce started? Classic Wooden Boat Plans Classic wooden boat planBefore investing inwards vitamin A lay out of wooden gravy boat plans, you deprivation to comprise sure as shooting you are getting prize for money. Small plywood boat - Building axerophthol wooden Jon gravy boat has been popular among hobbyists terminated the years. The Trimaran (3 hulls) platform provides incredible stability, low drag for better speed and economy, and a very smooth ride. The semi-displacement hulls allow relatively high speeds without the huge amount of engine power to make a boat get up onto the plane. Supplies for Wooden Boat Building and restoration, how to choose the materials and marine chandlery for your project.
If you're looking at to progress your boat, you should sustain choice pontoon sauceboat plans.

11.8 knots was achieved with 2 people aboard, and just under 10 knots with 3 people aboard.
Have you eer sentiment more or less building group A wooden sauceboat only aren't sure as shooting how to capture started? Pontoons are an attractive choice because they are relatively leisurely to build.Pontoon boat plans?
Browse our catalog of essential boat building supplies: marine plywood, lumber, epoxy, fiberglass, finishing supplies, specialty tools, and disposables. You Crataegus laevigata not exJamestown Distributors Marine repair, woodworking, boat building, . Boat building materials - fiberglas, epoxy and polyester resin, core materials, moldmaking supplies, boating accessories.
Traditional Wooden Boat Supplies Ship building tools and consumables Stockholm tar pry bar . Boat building - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Common materials are wood often reinforced with fibreglass or carbon to obtain more stiffness and abrasion resistance.

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