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I was just there today, raining a bit and grey out on Cape Kiwanda.Hearty souls taking these boats out over the surf and off into the pacific as far as 40 miles offshore. The indian river skiff could be considered similar to the boats im talking about, but there is one key difference in the pacific city dories pulling them away from the others.
Some of our boats could be renamed Pacific Dory or Mullet Skiff, the hull shapes are close but the name is different.
Because of the surf launching needs, the bow is considerably fuller, carrying maximum beam further forward than most any other flat bottom boat.

There is generally one large roller or several smaller ones along the back edge to facilitate rolling the boats up on to the slab trailers. Im not sure why that one is bent how it is, it could be as simple as the trailer tilt coming down hard repeatedly over the years. One is the ability to float on dew and launch through the surf, which can be 4' to 8' shore break. This would seem to require a boat that was more or less level, if it tilted backwards, the boat would stop as the stern hit.This has been a very informative thread, I never knew the difference between mullet skiffs and other dories. It is funny how something so simple as a flat bottom dory hull could turn into so many different iterations.

On the other hand, these boats pound harder than most of the finer bow types like the mullet skiff and the new england clamming skiffs.
Power dories have the same basic shape, with wide sterns, much flare, flat bottoms, and generally open layouts.
Clamming skiffs need that fine entry (great example in Gardener's books), the Pac power dories need that monster bow.

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