Dudley Dix Yacht Design has boat plans for canoes, dinghies, monohulls and multihull sailboats plus power boats. Wooden Boat Plans and Designs from Arch Davis Designs has short sailboats, skiffs and more. Svenson's has old Mechanix Illustrated free plans Lots of boat styles including a couple of dories.
Saetta Classic Boat I'm not sure they offer plans, but its worth a visit to see a fabulous wooden classic power boat. Fine Wood Watercraft Plans and boats in many different constructions including skin on frame and stitch and glue. Fineline Boat Plans for wooden boats, steel kits, plus much more from Fineline boat plans and designs. Glen L has boat plans for many types of construction including steel, aluminium, and of course wood.
Noahs Marine has boat kits and plans as well as supplies such as plywood, epoxy and fiberglass. Spira International has boat plans, dory style drift boats, Kayaks, Ultralights and power boats. Crafted with cold-molded technology and designed with the traditional Carolina flare and sharp entry into the water, our Carolina-style custom fishing boats combine aesthetics and efficiency.
Designed to handle both the choppy conditions and shallow waters of the North Carolina sounds, the Off Island Tunnel Skiff combines traditional skiff lines with modern engineering and construction.
Harrison Boatworks’ Off Island 19- and 21-foot Tunnel Skiffs were designed to run in shallow water while providing the comfort of a deadrise-bottom boat. The generous beam provides stability and gracious load-bearing qualities while helping the boat draw less water. Early stages of the tunnel were developed around the Harkers Island area for everyday commercial fishing in and around the shoals of Core Sound. I’m pleased to say that we’ve now got a pdf file of the drawings needed to make a simple model of the Sunny skiff ready to be downloaded and printed out. Have you got news for us?If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to. Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and colleagues that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow me on TwitterLooking for something?This is a busy weblog, and what you're looking for is probably still here - just a little way down the list now. Our Faversham-based friend Alan Thorne can help with boatbuilding projects - constructing to plans in very tidy stitch-and-glue or more traditional techniques.
The fibreglass boat is included on the course to introduce students to this method of boat building.
There was talk that it would race on Monday 8th August in the regatta at Beer, which is Justin’s village home, though I see how Justin did from the regatta website. Jim worked in journalism, marketing and communication before dipping his toe in the water on one of the BBA’s eight-week woodworking skills course, which lead to him joining the 38-week long course. To see a photographic diary of the build click here, and for the Fox 14 website click here. This is John Krause on a fishing outing in his recently built Julie skiff made from ply and epoxy. Norman Fuller took his rowing skiff Ella to this year’s Home Built Boat Rally event at Barton Turf Activity Centre, which gave us an opportunity to meet him and to try out his new boat built to my Ella design.

Like the design itself, the Ella is named after my daughter Ella, and turned out to be a cute and simple little skiff, just as the drawings in the free boatbuilding plans package promised – download the plans here.
When it was my turn to try the little skiff I was pleased to find she was easy and light under oars – not exactly effortless, but something that even a sedentary desk-jockey like me could expect to be able to row all day. One thing about the event made me a little nervous, however – rowing enthusiast Chris Partridge was on hand. In the event, he climbed in, sat down and casually made the little boat fly for a while while we all watched in anticipation. I’ve got some video of Chris rowing the Ella to put up when I get a chance to edit it. Builder Norman recently managed to pick up a 12lb-thrust electric outboard for ?30 at a sale, and so later in the afternoon we had some fun with that.
Another exciting development is that the first boat built to the sailing version plans is currently in build in the USA – and Ella and I are very keen to see photos of that one! This boat is designed to be built using the stitch and glue technique – if you haven’t done this before you might be interested in my book Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build or one of the other books on this topic available from Amazon.
Skiff boat plans - TheFind Skiff boat plans - Find the largest selection of skiff boat plans on sale. Would there be any benefit of possibly adding some rigid foam board insulation along the floor, and then covering with another layer of plywood to give yourself a sealed sole that would add some flotation? Also, what about building some rail boxes along the gunwales between the first frame and the transom, putting in two rod holders per side, and then filling the boxes with expandable foam?
Doyle, I wouldn't add anything to the sole, as the USCG has a thing about upright flotation instead of upside down flotation.
True, but for a few bucks out of your pocket you get some well tested lines, and you keep a few small wood boat builders and designers in business, instead of watching it die back more and more in this economy.
Larry, with a beat-up prop, old gas, and cold weather, she's able to run 25mph WOT, and cruises easily at 21.
Just took our local Riverkeeper on a tour today up through some whitewater areas, and she did great. At first everything is very confusing, then you start to get some idea of the different types of boats available. It also saves quite a lot of time since you don't have to loft the boat, and cut out the major pieces of the boat or source and get materials. There is an Optimist Racer kit motor boats sailboats and lots of boatbuilding supplies and info. Famous for his Goat Island Skiff and Beth Canoes Michael Storer has a wide range of wooden boat plans and designs. They also have plans for many wooden boats from a 6 foot pram all the way to a 28 ft cruiser.Free plans for a Bernarda 10 Well not quite free, you must send a photocopy of your money!!
His book: Boatbuilding for Beginners (and Beyond): Everything You Need to Know to Build a Sailboat, a Rowboat, a Motorboat, a Canoe, and More!
Hylan and Associates has plans for several traditional sailers including a peapod, as well as several powerboats.
I am currently designing a 17-foot super lightweight, shallow-draft flats skiff, and will gladly design other styles to meet your needs.
Unlike the Harkers Island tunnel, the Off Islands skiff tunnel tapers to the aft and has a gradual transition into the vee, or deadrise, of the bottom to prevent cavitation. All you need to do to make a model is to take a printout, stick it to a piece of cereal packet, cut out the various panels and make up the model with sticky tape. In the model, as in the real thing, doubling the stern is optional unless you’re making a sailing boat or using an outboard.

Try scrolling down, clicking on the 'older posts' button at the bottom of this page - or try the search gadget! It was designed for short- to medium-length coastal regatta rowing races, and has a solid fibreglass layup in chopped strand matt, built in buoyancy tanks, a modern pin gate oarlock and a fixed seat rowing set-up.
He has now set-up a business in Devon called Fox 14, which is making and selling the boats. He adapted the 15ft-something rowing skiff’s transom slightly for use with an electric outboard, but it still looks pretty well, don’t you think? You can’t say that of many 12ft flatties including those based on old-fashioned small American skiffs as this one is, but this boat was drawn with a narrowish beam of 4ft to ensure it would be as good a rower as it could be. Like most of the journalist tribe Chris is usually pretty clear in his opinions, and is known to be generally unenthusiastic about flatties, so naturally I was a little nervous – what might the author of Rowing for Pleasure have to say to readers and other HBBRers about the Ella design? To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. The plans actually have details for 3 sealed chambers that have foam added to them for upright flotation, so you'd be skookum as soon as you ordered the lines from Walt.
They have a traditional fishing boat called a gozzo boat which have the long protruding stems for doing net work and for mooring. Just figure out your stem angle, cut out one side, stick it to your midship mold and transom, bang on the bottom, done. Nary a bit of porpoising, and she rides like a little leaf on the water being wide for her length. Boat plan details, Flat Skiff 12 (FL12), Skiffs up to 16' [FL12] *The FL12 is a new version of our FL11.* General purpose skiff, very easy to build. I use this skiff on a a lake about 300 miles from the ocean as a work skiff, so I wanted as much interior space as physically possible. For $50 you are getting a good deal with a well tested plan and as Spookaloo said, you are helping support a talented, helpful and available boatbuilder. The two skiffs that I've built weren't exactly fast builds, but they look the way a boat ought to look.
Also keep in mind while I'm in a preachy mood, that a good set of plans will save you lots of time and if you've paid for them you can actually often contact the designer and get help. Skiffs tin constitute designed either for rowing, gliding or with outboard motor installed. There's also details on building side decks which you could hang foam under as well, doing exactly what you are hoping for. Once I turned her, I planned on keeping the stem long for that very reason, but looking at the aft posts, I decided to leave them for the time being to see if they were useful. I can assure you, Walter Baron isn't getting rich off selling you his boat plans, building boats, and teaching WoodenBoat classes. So, to ramp up your own gravy holder with wooden skiff plans, you receive to experience angstrom unit clear Darkwater Skiff Wooden Boat Plans Gator Boat Co. This is not to say that designing and building your own skiff isn't rewarding depending on your experience and skill level.
I'm not expecting a self draining cockpit, but would like it to drain while sitting on a trailer with the drain plug out of the transom. Are there limber holes through those 2x8's that let the water from the front roll out the back or what do you do?

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