Location: spain You might review the work of Nigel Irens and take inspiration from his ELEKTRA lake boats. Originally Posted by michael pierzga You might review the work of Nigel Irens and take inspiration from his ELEKTRA lake boats. Unless you have a big pile of plywood outback that you must use , you might further investigate strip plank. Originally Posted by Dhutch Yes, well this is sort of the issue with any planning hull really.
Been having a quick looking in the 'outboards' section which appear to havea few more 'quick and dirty' type builds.
The so-called planing or transition hump can be minimized or even made unnoticeable with the right design. Location: Cheshire UK I found two videos of Elektra last night on youtube, cant confirm the link as youtube is blocked here at work, but I think these may be the two videos. I do however find the videos of the Elektra very nice to watch, and make me even more interested to know more about the hull shape.

Thats and interesting boat, but appears to be really very simple in hull shape, comprising of just two sides and a base, would it give the low-wake cross-speed performance? I have been looking into strip-plank construction, and although I would like to know more about it, assuming you could get a decent number of planks on an hour it seems it should be a fairly quikc build. Originally Posted by michael pierzga You might also look to the Netherlands for inspiration.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The deep hull of the OUTRAGE features lift strakes for fast acceleration, great directional stability, and a really dry ride.
So, if you want the crowd following you (on a tow rope, that is), get yourself into an OUTRAGE. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. I dont how suitable the larger ones would be putting a inboard engine in, this forinstance seems to say all the right things, if smaller than Im planning.

It was clear there main interest was to sell me a boat, which is understandable, but there where also keen to dissuade me from buying a boat with real wood on it, because it takes maintenance, and I'm not retired, so cant, apparently.
As well as finding it interesting what a broker would suggest if I was looking to buy new boat. Sheathed in glass both sides, as I would be planning with the plywood, it becomes a composite boat with semi-structural core.
The slightly larger cooper 800 is no more a dutch or a sloop but looks far nicer, but both appear to be heavy displacement boats, bigger than what I want to be trailing, and generally not really what im after. The handy walk-through coupled with high-rise coamings makes this a safe boat even with the kids along. This one really digs in, whether it's a hard turn, quartering wake, or just blasting through.

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