This boat is for a retired fellow who would like to build as much of it as possible alone with occassional help. Edited to add: But that's a pretty big boat (and a lot of building for a solo retired gent) for a daytripper. Seems like lots of good info there for the person who wants real working tug boat designs, or even what he calls 'character tugs'.
The key block (above) prints last (atop all the color blocks) to finish the print with crisp detail lines.
Impressions from the blocks (3 color, 1 key) layer to create a lush & vibrant world in miniature! With skilled hands and a great attention to detail, artists Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth recently produced this gorgeous carving, entitled Moth. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. The deep draft displacement hull has the seakindliness and feel of a little ship whether you build the short or longer option, both of which use the same plan set.

I've copied(printed) them and put them in a nice folder which will be presented to the builder-to-be this coming weekend. This is cold molded, but thats a pretty easy step above sheet ply, and pretty easy for the one-handed guy with LOTS of staples. Our Candu E Z The Most Loved of the Mini Tugboats This is a Candu einsteinium zed This little beauty’s discover is Toot N Tug. The Pittsburgh-based collaboration, known as Tugboat Printshop, specializes in all kinds of hand-crafted woodblocks that they use to produce gorgeous, mutli-colored ink prints on fine papers. The artists then used small hand tools to chip away at the wood and create the low relief, meticulous patterns and texture across the winged creature.
The spacious forward cabin includes two 6' 6" berths with space for a head below and with hanging lockers aft both sides. A pro from the yard that fitted her out said something like he wouldn't trust her to cross a duck pond. The final products feature gradients of color moving across everything from intricate gardens and the surface of the moon to a creative map of the United States.

The final 2-color print is still in production and can be pre-ordered on the Tugboat Printshop website. Additional storage is below the berths and whatever one arranges in the deckhouse, which can be outfitted with additional accommodations, galley, and helm station as desired. The artists explain that they selected a moth because it is "A nocturnal creature, but a symbol of hope & newness, none-the-less. The perfective 10 is simple to build and is similar to our Micro 9 Tugboat mini tugboat plans. These boats are guaranteed to bring smiles of joy to those around you Also offering Hehr RV mini tugboat plans.

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