Used Pontoon Boats - Pontoon Parts, # 1 Source for Pontoon Boats, videos, pontoon enclosures. I informed him I would not recommend using the carpet tiles as they will come up on the corners after time from the sun and water. Remove all the pontoon boat furniture including steering console and floor trim until you are down to the plywood. Next step is to roll out the new carpet on the pontoon boat and allow some time to allow carpet to flatten.
Now proceed into doing the same steps with the remaining section of pontoon boat floor and carpet. Yes it’s our biggest sale of the year for Bennington Pontoon Boat Enclosures and it’s on NOW!
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Sylvan Marine of New Paris, Indiana, part of the Starcraft and Smoker Craft family since 1970, derived its name from Sylvan Lake in Wolcottville, Indiana where it was founded in the late 1940’s. For 2014, it offers five series of thirty-six models of pontoon boats from nineteen to twenty-seven feet comprising a total of nine sub-series with sixty-two model variations. These new models reflect the resurgence in popularity of pontoon boats aimed at a younger boating market with an emphasis on relaxation, elegance, fun, watersports activities, and performance.

The first thing you may notice on the S3 is the relatively extra large stern swim deck with its standard Sea Weave covering to appropriately accommodate the watersports activities that the performance of the S3 caters to so well.
Moving aboard through the centre stern entry gate are port and starboard chaise lounges for stretching out. The ¾-inch plywood deck of the S3 with a lifetime warranty is covered with 28-ounce carpeting.
The two-tone low profile and very modernistic fibreglass driver’s console features a tinted windscreen, LED-backed DC rocker switches, chrome-spoked tilt steering wheel and a standard gauge package which includes a tachometer, speedometer, volt, and fuel gauges. With this third RPT tube, test results with a Mercury 250 Pro FourStroke produced an incredible top speed of 47 miles per hour at 6400 RPM. This new Sylvan S-series is all about accommodation, fun and relaxation coupled with performance. I always recommend using one solid piece of indoor -outdoor carpet or marine grade carpeting.
Now you can remove any of the carpet that maybe stuck to the plywood as well as any of the old adhesive that was left behind.
Once the new carpet is ready to install, to back half the carpet and glue the new carpet and the floor of boat. You may want to have another person help you with the installation as a second set of hands is not a bad thing.
A couple of years ago, Sylvan reverted back to its founding roots by now concentrating solely on the manufacturing of pontoon boats. Gone on the S3 are the stereotypical conservative and some may say, old-fashioned flat sided box looks of old replaced on the S3 with swooping stylized curves and luxurious amenities to coddle the most discerning of boaters of all ages. After all, the basic two-tube S3 is rated for up to 150 horsepower and with the optional third tube, a whopping 250 horsepower with its tested top speed of almost fifty miles per hour.

The starboard side lounge is slightly longer than the port lounge and in total these two lounges could accommodate five or more adults very comfortably.
Concealed blue LED mood lighting is standard as are docking lights and even lighted cupholders which are liberally placed throughout. Add an optional third tube and the recommended maximum horsepower increases from 150 to 250. The first a premium sound package with upgraded Polk speakers, a subwoofer and amplifier, and the second, a wake tower package with bimini, light bar, speakers, and board rack. Now is a good time to go for lunch as you need to allow the carpet to settle a bit before next step.
Installing pontoon boat carpeting is really not big project to do yourself, especially if you enlist some help.
Five distinct colours of interior trim are available along with three classy colour choices of exterior panels plus another three rich-looking choices of interior upholstery colours. It allows you would a couple of minutes to maneuver the carpet into place working out any lumps in the carpet. An optional bow filler cushion makes this entire bow seating into a huge U-shaped lounge area. I prefer to glue at a temperature higher than 50 degrees and make sure you use a good new hook knife or carpet knife. All deck furniture has rotocast construction and all have storage beneath the much sculpted and heavily padded upholstery.

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